Thanksgiving Prayer For Family Gatherings

Thanksgiving Prayer For Family Gatherings

Dear Lord, thank you for all our blessings and for a new day. Please help me to remember that this is a time of celebration and friendship. I pray that my family would be united in love and peace throughout our gathering today. May we be grateful for this special time together, remembering how much we have been blessed by you through your love, joy and grace in our lives! Amen

God of grace and God of glory,

God of grace and God of glory, we come before you in praise, honor and thanksgiving. You are the creator of all things and all people. We have been made by your hands and for your purposes. You are the source of all goodness and righteousness, love and mercy, peace and comfort. We acknowledge your sovereignty over our lives as well as our hearts; we thank you for bringing us together this day to celebrate our many blessings with those who mean most to us: family members old or young; friends near or far; neighbors new or old; colleagues at work or school; fellow parishioners at church; those who live nearby but don’t know each other yet—and even those whom we have never met face-to-face but who still affect us in ways too numerous to count!

On thy people pour thy power;

As you consider how to pray for your family, consider pouring power on them. Power is an important part of life. It can be used for good or evil, but God’s power is good and can be used for good.

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Rule in all the hearts of people,

For all the hearts to be ruled by you, we pray.

We pray for grace and peace among our families, friends, and loved ones.

We ask that your grace and peace be in the hearts of all who gather around this table today.

We thank you for being present with us as we gather with those we love on this day of thanksgiving.

That they may be right in thy sight,

A Thanksgiving prayer for family gatherings.

  • Pray for your family, that they may be right in thy sight.
  • Pray for your friends, that they may be blessed with peace and joy.
  • Pray for your community, that it may be safe from harm and fear.
  • Pray for the world, that its people may live in harmony with each other and with their land.
  • Pray to the universe at large: let there be light; let there be darkness; let there be life; let there be death; let there be dreams come true—and then make everything beautiful again!

Hear our prayer Eternal Father,

In the name of Jesus Christ, we ask that you hear our prayer. The year has been filled with joy, pain, and everything in between. We thank you for all the blessings that have come into our lives this year. We thank you for the people who are in our lives who make our lives rich and meaningful. We thank you for bringing us together at this time and place to share in your bounty and love.

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Send us now prosperity.

  • Prosperity is a gift from God.
  • We are blessed with prosperity because of God’s love and grace, not because we earned it.
  • This is why it’s important to thank God for all the good things in your life and give back to others whenever possible.

Prosperity while life shall last,

May we, who have shared so much life with one another, prosper and grow together. May our families prosper; may our children and their children prosper; may their children’s children prosper.

May we be able to provide food for the table of our families. May our homes be secure from harm. May we be free from worry about providing for our loved ones.

May your generosity bring prosperity to others around us: strangers in need; neighbors down the street; people across nations far away. May your generosity increase prosperity in all its forms—money, health, happiness—for those around us and beyond us as well!

Give us strength through this day of thanksgiving that we might serve others in need no matter where they are found or what they look like on the outside (or even inside!).

Prosperity that leads to Heaven at last.

In our modern world, prosperity is often associated with financial wealth. But the Bible teaches us that prosperity goes beyond finances. It’s about health, happiness, peace and having a good life. Prosperity means you have a job that pays well enough for you to comfortably provide for yourself and your family.

It also means being able to afford enough food on your table; a warm place to live in comfort; clothes that fit well; healthcare when needed; educational opportunities for yourself or your children; access to clean water and electricity—and so many other things that make life easier!

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But it doesn’t stop there: God wants his people prospering not just financially but spiritually as well! So this Thanksgiving season we should pray specifically for those we love who are struggling with their walk with Christ—that they would find peace in their hearts through daily meditation on Scripture (Phil 4:6). We should pray they will recognize God’s favor upon them through his provision of material blessings (James 1:17). We should pray they will experience an inward transformation by him bringing healing from past wounds (2 Cor 7:10). And finally we should ask God himself to bless these families corporately so that “not only does their life prosper materially but also spiritually” (1 Sam 2:5).

Thank you Lord for a new day and many blessings.

Thank you Lord for a new day and many blessings. Thank you for your love and mercy, for your presence in our lives, for your guidance and protection, and for forgiveness. And most importantly we thank You for Your love.


Let us all come together as one family and enjoy this wonderful time with friends and family. We are thankful for you, Amen!