Prayer For Spiritual Eyes To Be Open

Prayer For Spiritual Eyes To Be Open

Dear Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, we pray that our spiritual eyes be opened. We also pray that we may open our spiritual ears so that we can hear your voice.

In this world we see things not as they are but as they appear to be. The world has deceived us into believing that it is real and true; but this is only because of our blindness. We are blinded by Satan so that he can rule over us in darkness rather than light; for he knows his time is short until Jesus returns for His bride (the church). But Lord God Almighty, you have given me a gift called faith; it is through this gift from You alone that I am able to see clearly what others cannot see. Thank You for giving me such a precious gift!

I ask You now Lord God Almighty please give my eyes clear vision so that I may see clearly all around me; helping me discern between good and evil so I will make wise decisions based on Your Word alone instead on worldly wisdom which tends only towards selfish gain rather than love towards others fellowman like yourself.

psalms to open spiritual eyes

Prayer For Spiritual Eyes To Be Open. Psalms to open spiritual eyes – Prayer for Spiritual Eyes To Be Open, How To Open Your Spiritual Eyes As A Christian, When God Opens Your Spiritual Eyes. The best way to open your spiritual eyes as a Christian and get closer to God is through prayer. Below you will find some great prayers that can help you start the process of opening your spiritual eyes today!

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how to open your spiritual eyes as a christian

You can pray to open your spiritual eyes as a Christian. Here are some example prayers:

  • Lord, please help me to see the things that only you can see. Open my spiritual eyes and ears so that I may receive the gifts of the Spirit in this life. In Jesus’ name, amen.
  • O God, open my spiritual eyes and grant me discernment for my daily walk with You! Thank You for helping me to see more clearly today! Even though it is dark outside, please give me light inside so that I know Your will for my life each day at this time in history and in this place where I live or travel around the world wherever there might be Christians who need encouragement or instruction from someone like myself who has been given these gifts by You through Jesus Christ our Savior Amen

when god opens your spiritual eyes

When God opens your spiritual eyes, there are some things you can expect to see.

  • You will feel a peace, love, and joy that is incomparable to anything you have ever felt.
  • You will be able to recognize the signs of the second coming of Christ because they will be so obvious.
  • Your heart will become more compassionate and forgiving toward others as well as yourself.
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open my spiritual eyes bible verse

Open my spiritual eyes and ears, Lord Jesus.

This verse refers to the wonder of seeing spiritual things for what they really are. When your eyes are opened spiritually, you can see the true condition of your heart and how far from God it has drifted. This is an important step in personal growth because it allows you to face the truth about yourself instead of living a fantasy life based on lies (which will eventually crumble). It gives us courage to change because we now know where we need to go in order to find fulfillment.


I hope that this article has been helpful to you. I know how difficult it can be to find the right prayer or scripture so that we can truly open up our spiritual eyes and ears. But if you keep searching and praying, God will surely answer your prayers!