Prayer For Marriage And Family

Prayer For Marriage And Family

Lord, we come before You in prayer today to ask for Your blessing on our marriages and families. We know that You have given us many good things in life, but none greater than loving spouses and children who bring joy into our lives. As we ask You to bless each of our marriages, please also protect them from trouble and temptation. In Jesus’ Name we pray, Amen!

Loving Father, You created us male and female as the crowning glory of Your creation.

Loving Father, You created us male and female as the crowning glory of Your creation.

You love marriage because it reflects the beauty and unity of Christ and His Church. Marriage is a gift from God, the foundation of the family, a sacred institution meant to last forever.

Marriage is made up of two people who are joined together by their vows to live in love with each other forever. In this union they become one flesh while remaining separate persons: husband and wife in one body; man and woman in one flesh; two becoming one (Matthew 19:5-6).

We thank You for the perfect union of marriage.

We thank You for the perfect union of marriage.

Marriage is a special gift from You, our Creator. Marriage is more than just the joining together of two people; it is also about two becoming one flesh and living out their love for each other as co-heirs to Your kingdom. We praise You for sanctifying this act with Your presence, blessing it with grace, and making it pleasing to You through Jesus Christ.

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We pray that these [couple] will find fulfillment in their lives by taking on the responsibilities that come with marriage—to love one another completely and selflessly; to live together in faithfulness; and to nurture their family in accordance with Your commandments.[Couple] do not need us or anyone else’s approval for what they have chosen before God!

We praise You for the new birth of children, who are an heritage from You.

  • We praise You for the new birth of children, who are an heritage from You.
  • Give us grace to nurture them in a way that will bring glory to Your name and honor to the gospel.
  • Help us, as parents, to build their faith in Christ and encourage them in spiritual growth so they may be strong pillars within Your church and society.

Oh Lord we thank You that the man and his wife were both naked and unashamed.

  • You created the first man and woman
  • You created them in Your image
  • You commanded them to be fruitful and multiply, so that the earth would be filled with people who worshiped Them.
  • They were given dominion over all creatures on earth, but one day they disobeyed you.
  • Instead of living in obedience to God’s commands, they chose instead to sin against their Creator.

Lord, there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for his friends – grant us a measure of that love, O God.

Love is a gift from God. It’s something we’re called to do; it’s not just an emotion or feeling. Love is a choice, and it will involve sacrifice.

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God wants us to love one another, so He has given us the perfect example of how this looks: Jesus laid down His life for us. We are called to lay down our own lives in the same way: by choosing to love God first and foremost, in every aspect of our lives—even those that seem insignificant or not worth our time or energy—and then choosing to love others as well (1 John 4).

Honor our marriages, preserve our families and bless our homes.

Dear Lord, help me to honor my marriage and preserve my family. Help me to be the husband or wife that You want me to be, the parent You want me to be, and the child You know I need.

Help me to love my spouse unconditionally even when they fail or make mistakes. Help them do the same for me as well so that we may both grow in our relationship with one another through these trials and tribulations.

Help us both know what it is that makes us happy in life together; whether it be working on our home together or taking breaks from work at home together; let us enjoy each other’s company regardless of where we are physically located at any given time as long as we are able give each other respect by how we communicate during all times of day or night when either one of us needs support from another individual who cares deeply about loving them unconditionally throughout their lifetime journey on earth here below until death do us part so long live marriage!

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In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

Dear God,

Thank you for the opportunity to pray for our marriage and family. We ask that You bless our marriage and family with peace, contentment, love, harmony and unity. We ask that You give us the strength to face all challenges with faith in Your plans for us. Help us to be patient with each other as we work towards these goals.

We know that there are forces at work that seek to disrupt our homes but we trust in Your power to protect them from harm while they wait on You. Show me how best to help my spouse reach his or her goals without compromising our relationship so we can build a strong foundation together based on mutual respect rather than compromise or selfishness – In Jesus Name I pray – Amen

We pray that you will be blessed by this prayer and that it will bring you closer to God and his family. This is a good time to stop and reflect on how God has blessed your marriage and family so far. He has given us many blessings in life, but one of the greatest is the blessing of being united as husband and wife. I hope this prayer has brought some comfort or encouragement into your life today!