Prayer For First Sunday Of Advent

Prayer For First Sunday Of Advent

The First Sunday of Advent is the beginning of a season of preparation for Christmas. It’s a time to pray, reflect, and prepare ourselves spiritually for Christ’s birth. This prayer can be used as part of your own personal preparation or with others at church.

Lord our God, as we begin this new liturgical year, stir up in your Church a new spirit of expectation.

The liturgical year is a recurring cycle of feasts and seasons in the Roman Catholic Church. It begins with Advent, which is the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day.

The first Sunday of Advent marks the start of a new liturgical year, and it’s an important day for Catholics as they prepare for Christmas. In this prayer, you can ask God that he stir up within your Church a new spirit of expectation—a sense that something special is about to happen! You can also ask him that his faithful people may be ready when he comes again—and if you feel like praying extra hard, include yourself in your request!

We pray that you will stretch our spirits to see your glory in all creation so that we may be filled with the joy of your presence.

It is a prayer for the first Sunday of Advent, traditionally called “The First Sunday of Christmastide.” This day marks the start of our Christmas celebration, which lasts for 12 days and nights until Epiphany on January 6th each year. The word “Christmas” comes from the Middle English Cristemasse, meaning “Christ’s Mass.” On this day we celebrate Jesus’ birth by remembering his life stories from birth to death, his teachings about how we are to live as Christians and how he loves us no matter what happens in our lives.

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Help us to throw open the windows of our hearts to the fresh air of your Spirit and wash away the dust of yesterday’s mistakes and failures.

  • Please pray for us to throw open the windows of our hearts to the fresh air of your Spirit and wash away the dust of yesterday’s mistakes and failures.
  • Please help us to find a clean heart today, so that we can receive you with joy and gratitude.
  • Forgive us for our sins, reveal yourself as Lord over our lives, and guide us as we seek your will for this day.

Free us from our old habits and point us toward a new life, so that, renewed by your grace, we may reach out to those around us.

As you pray, consider the way that God is working in your life, and be thankful. If something is not going well, pray for guidance and strength to overcome it. Then ask yourself:

What do I need to change in my life?

How can I better serve those around me?

What could I do to give back more than I take?

This we ask through Christ our Lord.

This we ask through Christ our Lord.

In the name of Jesus, we ask for this prayer to be answered. In Jesus’ name, let us be filled with God’s grace and presence. In the name of our Lord and Savior, let us be given all the help we need, because He is with us always!


Amen means “so be it.” It’s a word of blessing and affirmation. It’s used at the end of prayers, hymns and songs to denote agreement or acknowledgment of what has been said. It can also be used in other places such as Bible Study or Sunday School class to express your agreement with what has been discussed.

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We hope these prayers have inspired you to seek out the new year with a renewed sense of purpose and joy. If you’re interested in learning more about praying with the Saints, check out our website at!