Prayers To Saint Barbara

Prayers To Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara is the patron saint of miners, gunsmiths, and artillerymen. Her feast day is celebrated on December 4th. She was born in Lycia (Turkey) during the third century. Saint Barbara was a young Christian woman who lived with her father and three brothers in Nicomedia (Turkey).

The Prayer of St. Barbara

How to pray to Saint Barbara:

  • Pray for:
  • Protection from lightning and fire.
  • Deliverance from sudden death or accidents.
  • Protection of the home, family and property.

When you should pray to her (and when you shouldn’t):

Saint Barbara’s day is December 4th, but it’s also good idea to pray on any other day throughout the year if you feel like she can help you out in some way. Just make sure not to do it while your spouse is looking! You will also want to avoid praying on April 25th since this would be considered “bad luck” according to some traditions, though others believe that this day is actually when Saint Barbara was born and thus a good time for praying about her life (if there are children involved).

A Prayer to Saint Barbara for Women in Labor

Saint Barbara, you are the patron saint of childbirth. Pray for a safe delivery, healthy mother and child, the mother’s strength and courage during labor, and that both mother and baby make a quick recovery.

O St Barbara, today I ask your intercession in this very special intention.

Dear St. Barbara, you are the patron of architects and artisans. In your honor, I pray for all those who work with their hands, whether they are engineers or artists.

I pray that you place a special blessing upon my uncle Michael as he works in construction on this beautiful house for his family. I ask you to watch over him, keep him safe from harm, and bring him home safely when his work is done so he can enjoy all the years left with us!

I also ask your intercession for Father John who was hurt yesterday while working at church. Please help him heal quickly so that he may continue doing what he loves most: caring for others!

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In your prayers to St Barbara, she is usually invoked to help with –

  • childbirth
  • women in labor
  • those who are in danger of drowning
  • those who are in danger of fire
  • those who are in danger of being attacked by robbers
  • those who are in danger of being attacked by wild animals

The story of Saint Barbara – an ancient legend

The story of Saint Barbara is a popular legend that tells how Saint Barbara was the daughter of a wealthy Christian named Dioscorus.

Dioscorus had married a woman named Nonna, who bore him two daughters, Saint Barbara and Zoe, who was later called Chryseis. The household was devoutly Christian, and the three women were known for their charity and good works among the poor. Their father was also renowned for his philanthropy, always giving alms to those in need.

Even though he was rich and well-known throughout his city as an example of Godly living; Dioscorus did not forget about his duties as a Roman citizen or soldier. He served faithfully in both capacities until one day when he received orders from Emperor Maxentius himself to behead an imprisoned saint by the name of Andrew (one of Jesus’ apostles). His refusal would lead directly to his arrest, torture—and martyrdom on May 22nd 303 CE., which is now observed annually by Christians around the world as Saints’ Day.*

Upon hearing news of her husband’s death–and without any means left with which she could support herself and her daughters–Nonna sent both girls away from Rome so they might have better lives than what would have been available to them under such circumstances.*

Prayers to Saint Barbara – her festivals and feast days

Saint Barbara is the only saint with a feast day on December 4th. This is because she was martyred at that time and it was also when her remains were found in Rome. She is also the patron saint of artillerymen and miners, architects and builders, mathematicians (especially surveyors), engineers, firemen, jewelers; against lightning; against thunderstorms; against sudden death from natural causes; against earthquakes; for protection from sudden accidents or death by fire or lightning; for protection from gunpowder explosions or fires caused by lightning.

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St Barbara’s physical description

St Barbara is depicted as a beautiful woman with long, flowing hair. She is often shown holding a palm branch, the symbol of martyrdom. In this depiction she wears a crown on her head and holds a Bible in her right hand. She may also be wearing jewelry that includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Often St Barbara will be accompanied by other saints in Christian iconography such as Saint Dioscorus (her father) and Saint Nonna (her mother). If they are depicted together, they will often appear to be looking at each other lovingly or even embracing each other in an act of familial love and devotion towards one another:

Miracles attributed to Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara is the patron saint of armourers, artillerymen, and miners. She is also the patron saint of architects, builders, gunsmiths and firemen. She was born in Lycia near Nicomedia (now Iznik in Turkey) during the third century. When her father died she took charge of caring for her family including her mother who was blind and her younger brothers who were martyred at Antioch no later than 288 A.D.. In some versions it is said that one day she saw a vision of her future husband in heaven who told here not to worry about matrimony because he would die before they could be married on earth so she made a vow never to marry anyone else but him after death; this led to many people coming forward as suitors but all were rejected by Saint Barbara until one day an angel appeared with instructions from God instructing Saint Barbara to accept one suitor named Dioscorus who had been sent from Heaven just for Saint Barbara’s sake! Dioscorus was handsomely rewarded by God for his piety when he died in battle against barbarians near Aquileia Italy where his remains were buried by order of Emperor Maximinus II Daia (283-305).

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Apparitions of Saint Barbara

Saint Barbara was known as a patron saint of armourers and miners. She also had a strong association with lightning, thunderstorms and volcanoes.

She is often depicted with a tower, in which she was imprisoned by her father when he discovered that she had converted to Christianity. In some versions of the story Saint Barbara is actually beheaded by her father but survives and is rescued by angels who bring her back to life again, then brings her body down from the tower and buries it at the site of what would become Santa Maria in Aracoeli (Saint Mary of The Altar).

Saint Barbara’s relics were originally enshrined in Sirmium (modern day Sremska Mitrovica) but were later translated to Rome where they remain now at Santa Maria Maggiore church on Via Merulana near San Pietro train station. Saint Barbara is generally portrayed holding one or more books; this may represent either scripture or prayer books written by monks or nuns associated with devotion to Saint Barbara during their lifetimes

Praying to saint barbara is a great way of asking for guidance.

Praying to saint barbara is a great way of asking for guidance. Saint Barbara is the patron saint of artillerymen, miners, mathematicians and students. She is also the patron saint of architects and builders.


If you are looking for a saint to pray to for guidance, then Saint Barbara is the one. She was known as an intelligent and well-educated woman who lived in a time when women were not encouraged or even allowed to study. Her story has been told for hundreds of years, and she continues to be an inspiration for all women who feel like their dreams have been stifled by society’s expectations.