Daily Prayer For Christians

Daily Prayer For Christians

Prayer is a big part of my life, and I know that it’s just as important to other Christians as well. If you’re looking for some new prayers to add to your routine, this list is a great place to start!

Morning Prayer

If you’re a Christian, morning prayer should be part of your daily routine. Here are some basic prayers to get you started:

  • Pray for your family – ask God to bless them and protect them from harm.
  • Pray for your friends – pray that they would have good health and happiness in their lives.
  • Pray for your neighbors – thank God for their presence in the world, and ask Him to guide them along their paths through life.
  • Pray for your co-workers – ask God to give them strength during difficult times at work or school so that they can serve others well with all of their skillsets.
  • Pray for your community – ask God to bless those who live there with peace, wisdom, compassion and love during this busy time of year when everyone is running around trying mean things like grocery shopping (ugh!). You can also pray specifically about issues within this community such as homelessness or racial profiling by police officers!

Evening Prayer

Evening prayer is a time of quiet, when we can reflect on the events of our day. We might pray for those we met, those we will meet, and those we have not yet met. Our Lord reminds us that “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren…” (Matthew 25:40).

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Grace Prayer

  • God’s grace is a gift to us. We are not entitled to it, and we do not earn it.
  • Through His Son Jesus Christ, God offers us the opportunity for salvation through faith in Him. When we accept this gift, He gives us His own righteousness (Romans 3:24-25). It is by this righteousness that we are justified before God (Romans 5:1), and made worthy of eternal life (Ephesians 2:8-9).
  • In addition to our justification through Christ’s righteousness, God also grants His people various spiritual gifts as part of their salvation package (Ephesians 4:7-13). These include the ability to prophesy and speak in tongues as well as other abilities that allow us to serve one another more effectively (1 Corinthians 12).

Prayer For Family

Prayer For Family:

  • Pray for your parents. They have been through a lot during their lives and they need your prayers.
  • Pray for your children. They are the future of this world, so pray that they grow up to be good Christians who follow God’s will and live their lives wisely.
  • Pray for your siblings. We love them, but sometimes it’s hard to get along with them! Remember that God is there when you may not be able to understand each other at times and when life gets tough between you two or a family member in general (like your parents). Keep praying for them because sometimes prayer is all we have left here on earth; especially if we’re far away from each other geographically speaking like some families might be (this can happen because someone moves away even though their loved one’s don’t want them too). In addition, remember these three things when it comes time to talk with each other: 1) Be kind 2) Don’t gossip 3) Go easy with criticism because everyone makes mistakes at some point in life–even though this doesn’t mean that we should stop loving
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Prayer For a Friend

Pray for your friend’s health.

Pray for their marriage.

Pray for their family.

Pray for their job, career, and education success.

Pray that their spiritual growth is evident to others around him or her in a good way (not an evil way).

Prayer For Health

As a Christian, you should pray for the sick to be healed. You can also pray that they are comforted and guided. You should also pray that they are protected from evil forces and strengthened by God’s grace.

A Good Night’s Sleep Prayer

  • Thank you for a good night’s sleep.
  • Please protect me from evil.
  • Protect me with your presence, God.
  • Give me the strength to face tomorrow with peace in my heart.
  • May I be safe and protected through the hours of the night, God.

Dinner table prayer for children

Prayer for Children

Dear God, please help me to learn and grow. Please let me be safe. Please help me to be healthy, happy and kind. Please make me respectful of other people’s feelings and property so I can have a good life. Thank you for my family members who love me, even when they get angry with me sometimes! Amen

Pray for every aspect of your life.

  • Pray for your family.
  • Pray for your friends.
  • Pray for your health.
  • Pray for your work.
  • Pray for your finances.
  • Pray for your relationships with other people at work, with customers or clients, and even on social media (if you use it).
  • Pray for yourself when you are alone, going to bed at night and waking in the morning as well as whenever else you get lonely or feel like no one cares about what’s happening inside of you anymore than they care about the next big sports game coming up soon enough! We all need someone who understands us — even if that person isn’t exactly human! So pray about this too — because God understands our needs much better than any human ever could! And He loves us so much more than anyone else ever will too…so ask Him constantly throughout each day; especially if we’ve had a rough time lately: “What do You have planned next?” “Is there anything else I should know before moving forward?”
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Prayer is one of the most important practices in Christianity. It brings you closer to God, helps you feel more connected with other people, and can even help you cope with stress. If you’re struggling with something in your life right now, take some time out of your day to pray about it. You may find that it makes all the difference!