Daily Prayer For Advent

Daily Prayer For Advent

Advent is a season of preparation for the celebration of Christmas. It is a time when Christians remember and prepare for the coming of Jesus into the world. This prayer helps you to look forward to that event and to prepare your heart for it.


  • Pray for God’s guidance.
  • Pray for the world.
  • Pray for the Church.
  • Pray for your family, friends and acquaintances.


Pray for:

  • The sick, the elderly and those in need of help.
  • Those who are suffering, including those who have lost their jobs or homes.
  • Those who are lonely and in need of companionship.
  • People in need of food, shelter and clothing.
  • For peace to come upon our world so that all people can live in unity with one another


  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you and your family toward Christ in this season of Advent.
  • Pray for wisdom, especially regarding your vocation in life and relationships with others.
  • Pray for peace in the world and among people, even though we know that sometimes it doesn’t seem like there can be any peace at all.
  • Pray for the Church’s mission all over the world, especially in places where Christians are persecuted or marginalized due to their faith.[1]
  • Join with me today by praying that God would give us courage as we prepare ourselves to meet him at Christmas!


Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you.

  • Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your life.
  • Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your family, community, and workplace.
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On Friday, pray for peace in the world. Pray that our leaders will be able to find peaceful solutions to conflicts around the world, and pray that those conflicts will end. Pray for people who live in war-torn countries, who have lost loved ones because of conflict and terrorism. Pray for refugees fleeing their homes to escape persecution and violence.

Pray also for peace in your own life—the peace that comes from knowing you are loved unconditionally by God through His Son Jesus Christ; the peace of knowing that He has forgiven all your sins, no matter how deep or dark they may seem; and the peace that comes from trusting Him completely as you face each day’s challenges.

Finally, pray for those closest to you: family members, friends and coworkers—those whom God has placed into your life because He wants them part of His plan for your own growth toward eternal life with Him beyond this physical world we live on now.


Saturday is the day before the first Sunday of Advent. This is a good day to reflect on the coming of Jesus, and be grateful for all the blessings you have received. It is also a good day to pray for peace in the world.


  • Pray for the needs of your church. The Advent season is a time to reflect on the coming of Jesus and recognize our need for Him. Pray that God will strengthen His people in their faith, and that they will continue to grow more like Him.
  • Pray for the needs of your family. Your family means a lot to you, so please take time during this season to pray specifically about them: where they are spiritually, whether they have any specific needs in life right now that could be answered by prayer or other means, what kinds of challenges they face in their daily lives or at home…the list goes on!
  • Pray for the needs of your friends. As we spend time with others during Advent, we should consider how best to serve them as believers who know how much God loves them—and perhaps we can come up with some ideas based on what we’re learning from our prayers throughout this season!
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This is a daily prayer you can use during the time of preparation for celebrating Christmas.

Advent is a season of preparation. It’s a time to ready yourself for the celebration of Christ’s birth and the gift of God’s love.

As you go through this Advent season, you may want to pray with others or on your own. Here are some ideas for prayers that you can use throughout Advent:

  • A prayer for each day of December: These prayers range from very simple ones like “Thank you God for my family” to more poetic ones such as “You have made me as one who longs for home as she did when she was young and left in haste” (Isaiah 54:6).
  • A seasonal prayer which may be recited daily or weekly during November and December: This type of prayer focuses on the themes associated with Christmas—peace, joy, forgiveness—and often includes Psalm 24, Isaiah 9:6–7a(NIV), Matthew 3:1–2(NIV), Luke 1:68–79(NIV).
  • A yearlong devotion which may be used as part of daily devotional activities or at other times during the year outside of Advent: Some examples include “Prayer For The Day” by Charles Spurgeon (1834-92); “The Prayer Of St Francis” by Pope Pius IX;  André Frossard’s “A Glimpse Into Eternity.”

I hope these prayers for advent help you to deepen your devotion to God and prepare your heart for the coming of Christ. If you want more resources, check out this list of Advent readings from a variety of sources, or take a look at some other daily prayers like this one from Saint Alphonsus Liguori.

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