Spiritual warfare prayers for children

Spiritual warfare prayers for children

Spiritual warfare prayers for children are a great way to teach your children about God’s spiritual protection. These prayers help equip your children with the proper mindset and techniques to fight against spiritual attacks. In this article, we will provide you with several spiritual warfare prayer starters that you can use with your children. These prayers will help teach perseverance, faith, and obedience in the face of difficult times. Armed with these prayers, your children will be prepared to face anything life throws their way.

Spiritual warfare prayers for children

Spiritual warfare prayers for children can be a great way to help them learn how to pray and connect with God. Prayer can be a powerful tool for working through issues in life and can help kids develop a relationship with God.

Prayer can also be used to help children deal with difficult situations. Prayers for spiritual warfare can help children identify and defeat the spiritual forces that are attacking them. This type of prayer is also helpful for developing confidence in dealing with difficult challenges.

When praying for children, it is important to keep religious references limited. Any reference to angels or saints should be left out unless specifically mentioned in the prayers. For example, when praying for a child who is having trouble sleeping, it might be helpful to say something like this: ” Heavenly Father, we ask that you help this child get restful sleep tonight as they battle the spirits of worry and stress.”

What are spiritual warfare prayers?

One of the most important things you can do for your child is to pray for them. Prayer provides strength and protection in difficult times, and it can also help your child learn how to connect with God. Spiritual warfare prayers are a great way to help your child develop spiritual strength and protect them from harm. Here are some tips on how to pray for spiritual warfare against the devil:

1) Pray specifically for protection from the devil. Ask God to surround your child with His protective power, shield them from evil, and keep them safe.

2) Request that God defeat the enemy in their life. Say out loud or think about what you want God to do: “In Jesus’ name, I ask You to defeat Satan, his angels, and all wicked spirits that come against my child.”

3) Pray for guidance and wisdom in defeating the enemy. Ask God for direction on what steps need to be taken, and for strength to carry out those actions.

4) Thank God for His protection over your child. Express gratitude every time they’re spared from harm, or when victory is achieved against the devil in their life.

Why pray spiritual warfare prayers for children?

Praying spiritual warfare prayers for children can help them to learn how to defend themselves against the attacks of the devil. By praying for protection, you are helping your child to develop a strong faith in God and His ability to help them. Prayer can also lead to repentance and change in the child’s life.

How to pray spiritual warfare prayers for children

If your child is struggling to abstain from negative thoughts, actions and habits in their lives, it may be helpful to pray for spiritual warfare. Spiritual warfare prayers specifically tailored for children can help identify and break bad habits, build good ones and protect them from harm.

Before you begin praying, make sure to gather some information about your child’s specific struggles and desires. For example, if your child is trying to quit smoking or keep their grades up, know what kind of cigarettes or homework they are trying to avoid. Once you have this information, begin praying by asking God to help you target specific areas of your child’s life with His Word and power.

Some common prayer topics for children include:
-For wisdom in making decisions
-For protection from harm
-For strength to resist temptations
-To stay on the right path
Once you have started praying regularly for your child, it is important to encourage them to keep up the good work. Remind them that God is with them every step of the way and that He will do everything in His power to help them succeed.


As parents, it is our responsibility to teach our children about God and His ways. One way we can do this is by praying for them spiritually. Spiritual warfare prayers are a great way to help your child learn how to pray and fight against the enemy. By praying regularly for your child, you can help give them strength in times of difficulty, as well as prepare them for future battles they may face.