Seven Prayers to Saint Bridget

Seven Prayers to Saint Bridget

Seven Prayers To Saint Bridget are a powerful devotional tool for anyone. The prayer cards are 8.5 x 11 inches and laminated. They make beautiful coffee table decorations and will last for years with regular use. The suggested donation for these prayer cards is $9.95, which covers the cost of S&H. You can also download and print your own versions. Here is how to get started:

St. Bridget’s 12 Year Prayers devotion

St. Bridget, a Swedish nun, was asked by the Blessed Mother to pray seven prayers every day for twelve years. These prayers commemorate seven times when Christ shed his blood for mankind. Later, Pope Clement XII approved the seven prayers. The seven-part prayer has an appeal all its own, as it aims to honor the moments in Christ’s life when He shed blood for his people.

According to the poster, the blessed Lord gave St. Bridget seven beautiful prayers, which she prayed for twelve years. These prayers were accompanied by five alleged promises. None of these promises have been recognized by the Holy Mother Church, but the poster firmly believes in their supernatural origin. Therefore, he reproduces the prayers without reproducing the alleged promises. Nonetheless, many believe that the prayers are genuine and can be prayed daily.

In addition to the twelve year prayer, St. Bridget’s 12 Year Prayers devotion also includes four other promises. She assures her children, grandchildren, and two generations after her death, as well as her two sisters. She also promises to protect her children by praying this prayer. The prayers contain four other promises that may be of interest to you. Listed below are some of the things St. Bridget’s 12 Year Prayers can help you with.

Number of actual blows to Christ during His Passion

There is much debate regarding the number of actual blows given to Christ during His Passion. The biblical account is not included in the Bible, but several biblical commentaries have addressed this topic, ranging from the Book of Isaiah to St. Ephraem. Some commentaries include physical details about the passion, such as Christ being hit with a hammer, which is said to have been a major factor in the execution of Christ.

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While the brutality of the execution of Christ may have been gruesome to non-believers, it is a common fact that Christians found the violent scenes in the film disturbing. One scene shows Roman soldiers tearing Christ’s flesh away from his body. A fifteen-year-old student, Joshua Meyer, wrote a critique of this scene, saying that Gibson seems to relish the unremitting cruelty.

Several accounts of the Passion derive their details from other texts, such as the 14th century German work Christi Leiden in Einer Vision Geschaut, which details the event in frightening detail. Although these treatments of the Passion were common in mediaeval texts, they aimed to depict the character of Jesus as fully human and divine at the same time. This makes it difficult to assess how many actual blows Christ took during His Passion, but the number is likely greater than in other accounts.

Magnificent promises made to St. Bridget

The alleged prayers of St. Bridget are based on an ancient chant and claim that God made promises to her. While this type of prayer is not necessarily beneficial, the recitation of it on a daily basis can bring about contentment and peace. The authors of the prayers claim that they were divinely inspired, but it is not clear if past popes approved their publication. Therefore, it is important to know about the history of this alleged prayer before attempting to implement it in your own life.

The twelve years of prayer of St. Bridget are attributed to the apparitions she had during her life. She asked Our Divine Lord to protect her children and grandchildren for a lifetime. Her prayer also included four other promises. She was reportedly shown visions of the suffering Christ. Although the Church never confirmed the truthfulness of these visions, Pope Pius IX later ruled that they were indeed real and cited them as proof that she received the promised graces.

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Recitation of these prayers daily for a year

The seven Sorrows prayer is said to honor Christ’s seven times of suffering and bloodshed for the world. According to St. Bridget, she received these prayers from the Blessed Mother and prayed them for twelve years. Later, Pope Clement XII approved the prayers. These seven prayers have a special appeal. When recited daily, these prayers will guarantee that the soul will not spend a night in purgatory and will die one month before the appointed time.

The seven prayers below are copied from a book published in Toulouse in 1740 by the Company of Jesus. They were written by an English mystic of the Brigittine order and have appeared in a great many editions. The prayers contain a touching meditation on the passion of Christ. They are a great way to start a day or an evening. Reciting them daily is a powerful way to give thanks to God for His unending mercy and grace.

The 12 Year Prayers are a part of the Saint Bridget devotion. They were originally intended to be said daily for a year, but Popes Innocent X and Clement XII have since endorsed this practice. The prayer focuses on the seven times Christ spilled his blood on earth. In addition to the prayers, this devotion can help you develop a deeper relationship with God.

Approval of these prayers by Pope Pius IX

The Litany of St. Joseph is a prayer approved by Pope St. Pius X. It was approved by the Great Congress of Malines on August 22, 1863. It was later copied and approved for public use. It is a popular prayer among Catholics. This prayer is the oldest known to exist. This prayer was authored by Father Adrien Parvilliers, an Apostolic Missionary to the Holy Land.

In his encyclical Letter, Pius IX announced his jubilee. It was addressed to all Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, Bishops, Ordinaries of Places in Communion with the Apostolic See, and Faithful Christians. These encyclicals condemned errors in the Church and were used by Pius IX to spread his beliefs.

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In 1878, Cardinal Vives Y Tuto wrote a prayer entitled “Mary, Virgin Priest, pray for us.” The prayer contained several invocations about Mary’s priesthood. At one point, the prayer ended with “Mary, Virgin Priest, pray for us.” At the time, the Vatican forbade the use of images of Mary as a priest. The prayer’s oaths were not publicly available.

During the present day, many evils need to be repaired and many benefits need to be sought. In particular, the Word of God is a powerful sword that leads us to detest blasphemy. Blasphemy is a grave sin, violating any sacred law. Knowing the laws of abstinence and fasting on holy festival days is important for the well-being of the faithful. In any case, blasphemy will lead to punishment.

Order copies of the prayer cards

In this card, the Blessed Virgin Mary appears and prays, urging us to be generous with those who have suffered. The prayer card says seven prayers that Saint Bridget of Sweden allegedly received from the Lord over a period of twelve years. The prayer card also contains five promises made to her by the Lord. None of these promises have been approved by Holy Mother Church. While we place our faith in the prayers’ supernatural origin, we do not reproduce them, nor do we use them to try to convince others of their value.

These prayer cards come in two varieties: paper and laminated. The prayer card with the image on the front and the prayer on the reverse are available in packs of 100. Paper prayer cards are available in packs of five or 100. They are inexpensive and convenient. You can personalize each prayer card yourself. They make excellent gifts for any occasion. We also offer a wide variety of prayer cards, including those for the Saints, that can be personalized with your name or initials.