Prayers For Meetings

There’s something about meeting that just feels like it should be special. Maybe it’s the anticipation of what might come out of the discussion or maybe it’s just the feeling of belonging together in some way. Whatever the case may be, meetings can be a powerful tool for accomplishing goals. But meetings can also be quite daunting. They require a lot of preparation and often times, people feel like they don’t have enough information to contribute.

This is where prayer comes in. Prayer can help you center yourself and get your bearings for the meeting ahead. It can also provide you with guidance and inspiration, so that you are able to offer your best contribution. Whether you are the person leading the meeting or just praying along with everyone else, prayers for meetings can help make them more productive and meaningful.

Prayer Guidelines

When you pray for a meeting, ask for God’s guidance and protection.

Pray for the leadership of the meeting. Ask God to help them be wise and discerning as they lead the meeting.

Pray that everyone will have an opportunity to share what they have to say.

Ask God to help everyone stay on topic and listen carefully to one another.

Thank God for the potential blessings that may come from the meeting. Pray that everything will go well and that people will learn what they need to know.

Suggested Prayers For Meetings

Prayers for Meetings

When you’re preparing for a meeting, take some time to pray. Here are some suggested prayers to get you started:

Please help us to have the best possible outcome from this meeting.
Lead us in prayer and give us wisdom as we go forward.
Help us work together harmoniously and with respect for each other.
Protect us from harm, both physically and emotionally, during this meeting.
Guide our conversation and help us reach a consensus.
Enable us to be present with God in this important gathering.

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Prayer For Meetings

Prayers for Meetings

When meeting, it can be helpful to pray for guidance and for a fruitful outcome. Here are some prayers that may be helpful:
“God, we come together to discuss what is important to us. Help us to speak openly and freely with one another, and help us to make the best decisions possible. We ask that you would bless our deliberations and help us reach a common goal. In Jesus’ name we pray.”
“Dear God, we come together today in order to share what’s on our hearts. Help us to listen carefully to each other and find the best solution for everyone involved. Protect our meetings from harm, and guide us as we work towards a common goal. Amen.”
“Father God, we come together today in order to talk about things that are important to us. Help us communicate effectively with each other so that everyone understands what’s being said. Give us strength as we work towards accomplishing your purpose. Bless this meeting and bring peace into it. Amen.”

Praying Before And After A Meeting

Prayers for Meetings

When you attend a meeting, it is important to remember to pray. Praying before the meeting and praying after the meeting can help keep your mind focused and your heart open. Here are some specific prayers that may be helpful for meetings:

Before Meeting:
“God, we come before you today seeking Your guidance. Help us to be attentive and engaged as we hear what is being said. Lead us in ways that will be fruitful for our group and for ourselves. In Jesus’ name we pray.”
After Meeting:
“Dear God, thank You for leading us through this meeting. We know that sometimes things don’t go as planned, but Thank You all the same. Please keep each of us safe and healthy during this next stage of our journey. And finally, please guide our future decisions so that they will be in line with Your will. Amen.”

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Thank you for taking the time to read our prayers for meetings post. Our goal is to provide you with a few words of encouragement and peace before, during, and after your next meeting. We hope that these prayer suggestions will help you connect with God on behalf of your group and experience His presence in a powerful way. Know that we are grateful for all the ways He has blessed us through our meetings thus far, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.