Prayer For My Son’s Health

Dear God, Thank you for my son. He is an amazing person and I am so grateful for him. Unfortunately, he has been struggling with a serious health issue for some time now and I don’t know what to do to help him. Please please help him and give him the strength he needs to fight this illness. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer for my son’s health

Dear God,

Please protect my son from all harm. Please keep him healthy and strong. Please give him the wisdom to make good choices. Please help him find his way in this world. Please guide him as he grows and learns.

Thank you for being with my son always. I ask that you continue to watch over him and help him as he goes through life.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for my son’s health

I have prayed fervently for my son’s health since he was diagnosed with leukemia in May. It has been a constant battle, but I know that with God’s help, he will overcome this. I have read through the many prayer requests for children with cancer on Prayers for Children website and I want to share my own prayer request.

Please help my son to recover quickly from his leukemia and to be able to return to a healthy life. Heal him completely and give him back his strength. Protect him from all harm, both physical and spiritual, during this difficult time. Give him peace and strength to face whatever lies ahead. Thank you for your mercy and grace in this time of need. Amen

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How prayer can help heal

When it comes to our children, our hearts are always full of love and worry. We want what’s best for them, and we want them to be as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes health problems can crop up unexpectedly.

Thankfully, prayer can help heal many issues. When you pray for someone, you’re sending your feelings of love and concern into the universe. This kind of prayer often has a positive effect on the person or thing that you’re praying for.

Here are some ways that prayer can help heal:

1. Prayer can help ease pain. When someone is in pain, they may feel scared and alone. Prayer can help to calm these feelings and provide support during a difficult time.

2. Prayer can help speed healing. If there’s an injury or illness involved, prayer can boost the body’s natural healing processes. This means that the patient will get better more quickly than if they didn’t receive prayer treatment.

3. Prayer can provide comfort during recovery. After undergoing surgery or a diagnostic test, patients may feel anxious or scared. Prayer can help reduce their anxiety and provide emotional support throughout their recovery process.

4. Prayer can help ward off diseases. When you pray


My son has ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome. For years I have prayed for his health and well-being, but I never knew how to pray. Recently, I read about some simple steps to praying for someone’s health and decided to try them out on my son.

The Steps to Praying for Someone’s Health

1. Pray for a strong heart. Prayer can lead to changes in our own hearts, which can help us approach God with trust and humility.
2. Ask God to watch over your child and guide their path. We cannot control everything that happens in the world, but we can choose to put our trust in God and let Him take care of the details. This will give your child the peace of knowing they are not responsible for their own happiness or pain – it is a gift from God alone!
3. Thank God for your child’s health and well-being. Express your gratitude aloud or silently in your heart. Giving thanks brings us joy, which helps us focus on the good in life – even during difficult times!

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Prayer for my son’s health

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to You in prayer for my son’s health. I know that You are able to heal him and I ask that You would please do so quickly. Please protect him from all harm and let him recover quickly. In Jesus’ name, amen.

It has been an emotional experience watching my son battle a serious illness. But as we all know, hope is the first step on the road to recovery. I am grateful for all of the prayer and support that has come our way over these past few months, and I pray that God will continue to bless us in every way as we journey along this difficult path. ###