Prayer For Miracle House

There is no doubt that the Lord works in mysterious ways. We have seen miraculous healing after prayer in the past, and we continue to see this today. For example, consider the case of Miracle House. After years of hard work and faith, the founders of Miracle House finally received their house back in March 2017. It had been vandalized several times over the years and was in a state of disrepair. But thanks to prayer and a lot of hard work, they were able to get their house back and it is now a beautiful place where families can live together again. This story is just one example of how prayer can change our lives for the better. So let’s join together and pray for Miracle House as they continue to minister to families in need!

Prayer is an essential part of any house blessing

When the children of Miracle House were asked what they wanted most for their Christmas present, they couldn’t think of anything more than a house that could always be clean and free from bugs. And just like that, the prayers of hundreds of people were answered when their home was declared a “miracle house.”

Although the children’s prayers may have been the catalyst, it was the devoted prayer of Pastor Donnie Stephens that made all the difference. Pastor Stephens had started praying for Miracle House even before it was announced as a target of God’s intervention. “We just knew that God wanted to do something through this house and we just started praying for it,” he says.

Prayer is an essential part of any house blessing, and Pastor Stephens’s prayer multiplied like wildfire as word spread about Miracle House. Through His power, Pastor Stephens has managed to keep the house bug-free for well over two years now – an amazing feat in itself! But what makes Pastor Stephens’s story really miraculous is that he didn’t stop at just praying for Miracle House; he also took action to bring about its transformation.

He began by rallying his

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Praying for a Miracle House is a great way to bless your home

Prayer for Miracle House

If you are looking to bless your home with a miracle, why not pray for one? Praying for a miracle in your home is an easy way to get started. Here are some tips on how to pray for a miracle in your home:

1. Begin by asking the Lord to cleanse and prepare your home for His presence.
2. Pray that all of your family and visitors will feel His blessings and be gifted in their visits.
3. Ask the Lord to provide protection and healing for you, your family and guests in your home.
4. Thank the Lord for His continual favor and provision in your life, as well as for all the miracles He has already worked in your life.
5. End with a simple prayer of consecration, asking the Lord to use this moment to continue His work in your life and in your home.

The steps you need to take to pray for a Miracle House

There are a few things that you need to do in order to pray for a Miracle House. The first step is to set your intentions. What do you want to happen? What do you want the Miracle House to be able to provide for the community? Once you have your intentions, start praying. Ask God for guidance on how to best use His power and resources in this situation. Be specific about what you would like to see happen and don’t be afraid to express your faith in Him. Finally, stay positive and continue to walk through this journey together with God.

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Background: Miracle House

Miracle House is a home for individuals with developmental disabilities. The home was founded in 1987 by Ann and Jerry Hicks. The Hickses named the home after their daughter, Miracle, who was born with a rare disorder that caused her to have minimal muscle control and difficulty speaking.

In 1988, the Hickses opened Miracle House as a residential facility for adults with developmental disabilities. The facility provides individuals with access to activities and services that promote independence, self-reliance, and socialization. Over the years, Miracle House has expanded its services to include child development services, vocational training, and respite care.

Today, Miracle House serves over 100 residents in three locations: Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus. In addition to its residential facilities, Miracle House operates a day program that offers services such as meal preparation and housekeeping.

Miracle House is a ministry of First Baptist Church of Cincinnati (FBCC). FBCC provides administrative support for the ministry while also providing financial resources and other resources necessary to operate Miracle House.


Prayer Points

1. Pray for the financial stability of the Miracle House ministry.

2. Pray that the Miracle House ministry will be able to continue its work helping families in need.

3. Pray that the Miracle House ministry will be able to provide housing and other necessary services to those who need them most.

4. Pray that the Miracle House ministry will be able to maintain its focus on serving families in need.

How To Pray For Miracle House

Prayer for Miracle House is an important part of any Christian’s life. When faced with a situation that seems impossible, prayer can provide hope and help guide us in the right direction.

When we pray for something we want it to happen quickly and without fail. We don’t want to be on a prayer vigil or wait around for results. Praying like this can actually hinder our prayers because we are setting too many conditions. Instead, let’s pray with the mindset of “miracle” or “sign”. This way, we are not only asking God to help us, but also accepting His will as it is revealed to us.

Here are five ways you can pray for Miracle House:

1) Ask God to supply all the needs of the house and its occupants.
2) Ask Him to bless the workers who are carrying out His will and bring healing into their lives.
3) Request that whoever has lost their home be given another chance at stability and security.
4) Thank God for all the blessings He has bestowed on Miracle House so far – both big and small.
5) Pray that all who come into contact with Miracle House will be drawn to His

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Dear God, We thank you for your miracles in our lives. We ask that you would continue to work wonders in the Miracle House. Please protect the people who live there and guide them through this tough time. Thank you for your love and mercy, which have brought us this far. Amen.