Prayer For Healing A Relationship

Prayer For Healing A Relationship

I have been praying for a long time, Father. My husband and I have been separated for nearly three years, and I am in pain every day from missing him. Please help me heal our relationship so that we can be together again as one family. Amen.

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Heavenly Father, I come before you today to ask for your healing power to help mend my broken relationship.

Heavenly Father, I come before you today to ask for your healing power to help mend my broken relationship.

I am so grateful that I can come before you and ask for your help in this matter. I pray with all my heart that you would hear me and answer this prayer as only you can do. Help me to listen with an open mind and heart so that I may truly understand how best to solve the problems between us. Help me to forgive those who have wronged me or hurt me without malice, but rather out of ignorance, lack of understanding or misunderstanding on their part. Guide them into seeing things from our point of view so that we can work together toward a peaceful resolution for everyone involved.

I thank You for Your love which never changes, no matter what happens between two people who love each other very much but cannot seem find common ground when it comes time discuss how best talk about sensitive subjects such as money management issues or parenting styles where there seems no middle ground between one person having too much power over another person’s life choices versus respecting individual autonomy while also caring enough about someone else’s happiness not let them make bad choices because they don’t realize they are doing so until after they have already made them!

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Help me heal my relationship with my husband/wife.

  • Pray to God.
  • Ask God to help you. Be specific about what you want to heal in your relationship, marriage, or family.
  • Be specific about how you want your marriage/relationship healed.

I am hurt and I am so weary.

I am hurt and I am so weary.

I have been in this relationship for 27 years, and have been hurt for the last 22 of them. I am tired of being sad, angry, frustrated and disappointed; I am tired of hurting.

Please give me the strength to endure this hurt, and heal our brokenness.

You are not alone in your pain, but God is with you. He knows what it means to feel hurt and betrayed by someone whom you love. Jesus Christ suffered greatly on the cross so that we may have life everlasting (John 3:16). If you call on God in prayer today, he will listen to your cry and help you find strength inside yourself to endure this hurt. He will also heal your relationship with the person who has caused you harm.

God loves us all enough to give us peace in our hearts if we ask for it (Phil 4:6-7), and so should we try our best not only keep ourselves at peace but also seek out ways in which loving actions can bring about peace within relationships—even those which seem impossible or damaged beyond repair!

Please hear my prayers, and grant me the grace of being whole again with my loved one, whom I treasure more than life itself.

Please hear my prayers, and grant me the grace of being whole again with my loved one, whom I treasure more than life itself.

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I know that you have heard this prayer before. I am not asking for anything new or spectacular; just the restoration of what was once good in our relationship. You can do it! You are all-powerful and all-knowing and all-loving. Please show us how much you love us by healing our relationship so that we may be as one again in partnership, sharing joys and sorrows alike.

All I ask is that when this day comes—and your timing is perfect—you will let me know through a clear sign: perhaps a rainbow after a storm or two birds nesting together on top of a branch where there were once only dead twigs sticking out from above ground (but please don’t make me wait too long).

My love for him/her is so strong that it frightens me sometimes.

When you love someone, it can be very scary. You feel vulnerable, and the idea of losing the object of your desire is terrifying. The thought that this person might not reciprocate all the feelings you have for them can make you feel like you’re falling into an abyss—and if they leave you, there will be no one left to catch your fall.

But even more frightening than being rejected by someone we love is having to face our own limitations as human beings, which means accepting that we cannot always prevent things from happening that we don’t want to happen and cannot always control what others do regardless of how much effort or energy we put into trying to change them (or ourselves). We have a limited amount of power over other people’s actions; sometimes those actions may hurt us deeply even though they weren’t intended by their perpetrators as such acts at all! This is why loving someone who doesn’t love us back can feel like such an injustice: because when we love someone who doesn’t return our affection with equal intensity or even at all (which often happens!), it feels as though something valuable has been taken away from us without any warning beforehand; despite how hard we try not expecting anything from anyone else involved in these situations in order not getting disappointed whenever things go wrong unexpectedly later down the road…

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Please bring us back together again in a spirit of harmony, peace and love.

Dear God, please bring us back together again in a spirit of harmony, peace and love. My name is [your name] and I am praying for [the person you are praying for]. Please help us to have a healthy relationship with each other. We have been through some difficult times, but I believe that we can get past all of this and live in peace again. Please bring healing to our relationship so that we can move forward as friends or lovers once more.

Thank you for listening and thank you for answering my prayers!

(Mention your request) Amen.

If you have a request to make of God, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

In the same way that you would address a person directly with your words and thoughts, God is more than happy to listen and respond to your requests–if only you will speak up!

If there is no specific request that you need answered at this time, simply say “Amen.” That’s all it takes; just say “Amen” and let it be known that your prayer has ended (or if there was no prayer in the first place). It’s easy! Now go forth and bring healing into relationships everywhere!

If you have a loved one who is in need of healing, I hope this prayer has given you some insight into how to approach them. Remember that your words have power and can bring about change when they are spoken with love. If your relationship is broken, then it needs someone to reach out to it with compassion and care—someone like you!