Prayer For Eye Healing

Prayer For Eye Healing

I pray for the healing of all those who suffer from ills of the eye.

Prayer For Eye Healing

Prayer For Eye Healing

Dear God, I ask that you reach out to the people of this world and provide them with healing in their eyes. Those who suffer from ills of the eye, those who are blind from birth and their families, friends and caretakers may you touch them with your love and mercy. Let your healing light shine upon them all so they can see what is in front of them without any hindrance or limitations. May they be able to see clearly so that they may live out their lives with meaning and purpose knowing that no one is beyond your reach.

Prayer For Eye Healing

Almighty and eternal God,

You are the creator of all things. You are eternal, and only you can heal our eyes. You alone can help us in our time of need, because you love us and want what is best for us. We ask that you would bless our eyes with healing, according to your will, in Jesus’ name we pray!

You gave the light of the sun to lighten the earth and now you have sent your Son, Jesus Christ, as the true light of the world.

You gave the light of the sun to lighten the earth and now you have sent your Son, Jesus Christ, as the true light of the world.

Jesus is the true light that shines in darkness and guides us to salvation. He is our life, hope, and salvation. If we follow him we will be saved from sin and death.

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We pray for those who suffer from ills of the eye.

There are many eye problems that can affect the way you see, or may be related to other health problems.

Some people don’t realize they have an eye problem until it is too late. For example, glaucoma and macular degeneration affect the eyes without causing any symptoms for years before symptoms appear. When this happens, you will need medical treatment to correct your vision and prevent further damage to your eyesight.

Other eye problems are easy to detect at an early stage when you visit a doctor for regular check-ups or when you notice something unusual about your vision. Some conditions respond well to treatment with medication or surgery; others do not respond as well and may require more aggressive treatment such as surgery if they are not treated in time.

Send your healing touch upon all who have lost their vision and give them patience in their affliction.

  • You may ask for healing of all eye problems.
  • You may pray for patience in dealing with your own eye problems, or those of loved ones.
  • If you are blind from birth, you can ask God to show you the way to greater spiritual understanding and wisdom through His Word.

Bless those who are blind from birth and remove all obstacles from their path to a better life.

For those who are blind from birth, pray for them to have a better life. Take away all obstacles that may prevent them from living a good life. For those with eye disease, make their eyes healthy and whole again so they can see clearly. Remove all obstacles that would prevent them from seeing clearly and living their lives to the fullest.

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In your prayer for people who have lost their vision or sight, please ask God to remove all obstacles in their path so they can live happy and fulfilled lives again with the gift of sight restored!

Prayer for Healing Eye Disease

Give support to their families and friends so that they may guide those who cannot see with love.

Have you ever been in a situation where a family member or friend was visually impaired or blind? This can be very stressful, but there are some things you can do to help.

Firstly, keep in mind that your loved one doesn’t need your pity. He/she is still the same person they were before they lost their sight – and he/she will still have feelings and opinions about life. So don’t treat them differently because of their disability; instead try to treat them as an equal.

Secondly, if you’re going with them to appointments (e.g., doctors), make sure that they have all their paperwork ready beforehand so they don’t have to worry while sitting in waiting rooms or having tests carried out on them by doctors. This includes any letters from GPs detailing any medications taken regularly by patients too!

We pray to you dear Lord because we know that no one is beyond your reach.

God is always listening, and he loves you more than you know. God will always be there to help us. He will always be there to guide us.



Amen means “so be it” or “to be true.” It is used at the end of prayers and blessings. The word amen is also used to affirm that what someone has said is correct, as in: “I believe you are right.” The word amen comes from a Hebrew word meaning truth or faithfulness.

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The prayer for eye healing is a wonderful way to show our love and concern for those who are suffering from vision problems. This prayer should be prayed regularly by all Christians so that they may be able to help others in need as well as themselves.