Prayer For Aborted Baby

Abortion is a sensitive and emotive topic, and no one wants to hear about someone else’s negative experience with it – that’s why it’s always best to keep your own personal views private. That being said, there are still times when you need to express your feelings about abortion or pray for an aborted baby. Here are some recommended prayers for those occasions.

Prayer for aborted babies

Prayer for aborted babies is important because it can help ease their pain and provide comfort during this difficult time. Prayer can also be a way to connect with them and express hope for their future.

Prayer can be an especially powerful tool in the healing process after an abortion. Many people find comfort in words and prayer, and are able to work through their emotions more easily when they have support.

If you are feeling emotional or worried about an abortion you have had, try prayer and talking to friends or family members who have been through similar experiences. There is strength in numbers, and sharing your feelings with others can help you feel connected to the experience and empowered to move on.

Why pray for aborted babies?

There are many reasons why someone might choose to pray for aborted babies.
Some people might feel that aborted babies are stillborn children and should be given the same level of compassion and care as any other baby who has died. Other people might feel that an aborted fetus is still a living being with a right to life, and believe that prayer can help console the mother who has had an abortion and may be feeling grief or sadness.
Whatever the reason, praying for aborted babies can be a very compassionate thing to do.

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How to pray for aborted babies

Prayer for aborted babies can come from many different places. For some people, it may be as simple as saying a quick prayer before or after aborting a baby. For others, it may involve longer prayers or meditation. Prayer for aborted babies can also come from ceremony, such as reciting prayers during an abortion procedure.

Whatever the prayer format, the focus should always be on the child who has been aborted and on the parents who have made that choice. Prayers can help to connect the child with God and help to heal both the parents and the child.

When praying for aborted babies, it is important to remember that they are still children of God. They have feelings and deserve to be treated with respect.

A prayer for aborted baby


Please forgive the person who aborted the baby. They did not know what they were doing and they do not deserve to be punished. Please also forgive the parents who chose to abort the baby. They did not mean to do anything wrong and they are grieving now. Please help them to find peace and understanding.

Thank you for all of your love and kindness.

Prayer for the mother

When a woman becomes pregnant, she begins to dream of her child’s future. She imagines what he or she will be like, and she dreams about the happy moments they will share together. As the pregnancy progresses, the mother often starts to pray for a healthy baby.

Prayer can have a powerful effect on our health and well-being. When we pray for something, we put our faith in something greater than ourselves. We connect with something larger than our own individual self, and we tap into a power that is greater than our own problems and challenges.

When we pray for another person, we are giving them the same kind of prayer power that we have. We are asking for help from above, and we are telling the universe that this person is important to us. When mothers pray for their unborn children, they are also declaring their love for them.

There are many benefits to praying for an aborted baby. Prayer can help us to forgive ourselves, and it can help us to move on with our lives. It can also encourage us to adopt or else help save other babies who may need our help.

So please join me in praying for all the mothers who have had an abortion: May

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Prayer for the baby

One of the most tragic things that can happen in a person’s life is when they lose a child before they even have the chance to realize their potential. Sometimes, we can find comfort in prayer for those that have gone through this tragedy.

When parents grieve the loss of their unborn child, they may find comfort in talking to God about their child. Praying on behalf of an aborted baby can also provide solace and hope to parents who have experienced such a devastating loss.

Prayer for an aborted baby can be done privately or publicly. It is often helpful to pray with others who are going through similar emotions. There are many opportunities to offer prayer for aborted babies throughout the year, such as during Lent or Easter.

Some people choose to make a special prayer doll or figurine in honor of their aborted baby. This way, they can keep their baby close to them without having to see or touch him or her physically.

Prayer is an important part of any Christian’s life. When tragedy strikes, it can be even more so. If you are experiencing the pain of miscarriage or abortion, please know that there are people who care about you and want to help. Pregnancy loss is difficult enough without having to deal with the added stress and agony of unanswered prayers. Thank you for reading our article on prayer for aborted baby, and we hope that it was helpful in some way. Please feel free to share this post if you think it could benefit someone else struggling with a pregnancy loss.

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No matter what your opinion on abortion may be, we can all agree that the decision to abort a baby is one that should not be taken lightly. In fact, it’s often times one of the most difficult decisions a person will ever have to make. That’s why, if you’re feeling lost or alone after making this difficult choice, there are some great resources available for you. Whether you want to talk to someone who has gone through this before or seek comfort in prayer, these places offer support and guidance during this time of healing and reflection.