Prayer Cards for Funeral

Prayer Cards for Funeral

When someone dies, it can be incredibly difficult to deal with the pain and sadness. That’s why prayer cards are so important—they provide a space for people to share their feelings with others. Prayer cards have been around for centuries, and they’re still an important part of funeral services today. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make your own prayer cards for fun and profit. From prayer requests to heartfelt messages, these cards will help grieving families connect with one another in a special way.

Purpose of Prayer Cards

Prayer cards are a great way to pray, connect with others, and keep your prayers fresh. This small gesture can make a big impact, both in your own life and throughout the world. Here are some reasons why you might want to start using prayer cards:

Prayer cards can be used during any moment of prayer, whether it’s before or after meditation, reading Scripture, or simply praying for someone else. Prayer cards offer a quick and easy way to document your prayers and stay mindful of what you’re saying.

Prayer cards can also be shared with others as a way to encourage fellowship and connection. When we give and receive prayer through prayer cards, we’re reminded that God wants us to connect with Him on a personal level as well.

Prayer cards can also help focus our prayers. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay on track when we pray vocally, but writing down our thoughts helps us stay focused. If you find yourself struggling to pray for long periods of time, try putting together a prayer card stack! It’ll keep you occupied while you wait for God to answer your prayers.

Choosing the Right Prayer Card

When it comes time to say goodbye, a prayer card can be the perfect way to express your feelings. There are countless options available, so it’s important to choose the right one for you and your loved ones. Here are some tips to help you find the right prayer card:

1. Choose a theme or message.
If you want something specific, like healing or protection, look for cards with those themes. You can also choose a general theme like gratitude or love and then browse cards that support that message.

2. Consider size and design.
Before you buy any cards, measure how much space is available on the front and back of your gift recipient’s cardstock (or paper) and decide on the size of card you’d like to purchase. Generally speaking, smaller cards are easier to carry in a pocket or purse and look nicer when displayed on a shelf or table setting. Larger cards can be more impressive when given as a gift but may require two hands to fold them properly which could lead to confusion if given as a gift at an impromptu moment. Take into consideration what will work best for your recipient before making your purchase!

3. Decide on colors and styles.
For each person in your life – spouse, children, friends – choose their favorite color and style of card so they’ll feel special when they receive one from you during your time of grief. You could also create separate collections based on different seasons – summer

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Personalizing Your Prayer Cards

Prayer cards are a great way to personalize your funeral service. You can add your favorite scripture or prayer, or write a message of comfort for the family. You can also choose from a variety of designs and colors to create a card that reflects your unique personality and style.

Delivery Options for Prayer Cards

When it comes to sending prayer cards, there are a few delivery options to choose from. You can mail them through the U.S. postal service or have them delivered directly to the bereaved family’s home. Additionally, many online retailers offer digital prayer cards that can be sent electronically.

If you’re mailing your prayer cards, it’s important to remember the appropriate postage on these delicate items. The post office recommends using a commemorative stamp if possible, since these cards typically aren’t weighted down and will typically travel shorter distances. If mailing through the postal service, make sure to include a note with your card requesting that it be sent directly to the bereaved family.

If you’d like to deliver your cards in person, consider arranging for a funeral home or mortuary to do so as this will often be more cost-effective than shipping them separately. While some funeral homes may charge a small fee for this service, most will instead give you a discount on services rendered in conjunction with delivering the prayer cards. Once you have selected a funeral home or mortuary, be sure to ask about their delivery policy – some establishments may only deliver certain types of cards or during specific hours.

Finally, if you would rather send prayers by way of email, there are several companies that offer digital prayer cards as an option. These cards can be sent electronically and generally arrive within minutes of being sent – making them a convenient choice for those who need their prayers quickly but

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What are Prayer Cards?

Prayer cards are a great way to keep Your loved one close to Your heart during a difficult time. They can also be used as a tool for prayer. You can write down your thoughts and prayers, or add a personal photo. There are many different types of prayer cards, so find the right one for you and your loved one.

How to Make Prayer Cards

Making prayer cards is a fun way to show your support for someone who is grieving. Prayer cards are also a great way to keep grieving friends and family connected. There are many different ways to make prayer cards, so feel free to choose what works best for you.

To make prayer cards, start by collecting all of the paper you will need. You will need a piece of paper that measures approximately 4-1/2″ wide by 5-1/2″ tall. Fold the paper in half so that it measures 2-3/4″ wide by 3-1/4″ tall. Make a crease down the middle of the paper and unfold it.

Next, you will need to print out your prayer card recipient’s name and the message you want to include on your card. If you want, you can add a photo or drawing of the recipient onto your card as well. Once you have completed printing and cutting out your materials, it is time to assemble your cards!

To Assemble Your Prayer Cards:
1) Begin by placing one folded piece of paper on top of another folded piece of paper with the crease facing down. Place gentle pressure so that the two pieces fold together into a small packet. This packet should measure about 1-1/2″ wide by 1-3/4″ tall when complete.
2) Next, place one picture or other printed material onto the center of the first folded layer and align it so

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What to Put on a Prayer Card

Prayer cards can be a powerful way to communicate with God during a time of grief. There are many different types of prayer cards available, so it’s important to find the right one for you. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect prayer card:

1. Choose a prayer card that reflects your beliefs and values.

2. Pick a prayer card that will help you connect with God in your darkest moments.

3. Choose a prayer card that is comfortable to hold and easy to access when you need it.


If you have lost a loved one, whether through death or divorce, prayer can be a valuable tool in your healing journey. Prayer cards are an affordable and thoughtful way to offer prayers for the deceased during times of bereavement. Whether you print out individual cards or assemble a collection of cards to read at once, prayer is an important way to connect with those who have passed on and receive support during this difficult time.