Miracle Prayers To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Miracle Prayers To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Catholic symbol that represents Christ’s love for humanity. It’s often depicted as a heart with a crown of thorns and pierced by a sword. The Sacred Heart is invoked in prayers and meditations, especially during the month of June when the Feast of the Sacred Heart is celebrated. You can pray these sacred prayers every day to draw closer to God:

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in thee.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in thee.

O most tender Heart of my divine Savior, for the love you bear to men, look down upon me and hear my prayer. I cling with great confidence to your most Sacred Heart; fill me with sentiments of faith, hope, and charity; grant that I may ever walk before you as a child of God and an heir to heaven.

The Sacrament of Confession: The Sacrament of Reconciliation (aka Confession) is the best way to receive forgiveness from God for our sins against Him and others.

Once a month during Lent (the 40 days before Easter), priests are required by Canon Law (Law Code for Catholics) to administer this sacrament at least once per day (usually before 12 noon) after hearing confessions in the morning hours when possible or until all penitents have been heard if not able to do so daily due some reason such as illness or other good reasons why one cannot attend regularly until Easter Sunday arrives again next year when they will begin counting towards another Lenten season thereafter…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, to whom God entrusted all the treasures of his graces, help me today.

Today, I pray that the Sacred Heart of Jesus will grant me the grace to:

  • Trust in God’s power and not my own.
  • Be willing to make a sacrifice for the good of another person.
  • Practice patience with someone who is causing me stress or difficulty.
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Help me today, dear Lord Jesus, because you are gentle and humble of heart. You are love itself, and your merciful heart is ever open to those who invoke it in confidence.

Divine Heart of my Jesus, patient and merciful, have compassion on me and hear me.

Praying to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Jesus, you said: “Come to me all you who labor and are burdened.” Forgive my sins and grant me strength for the journey. Grant me your grace so that I may find in you consolation in my sorrows, hope in trouble, love amidst hatreds, joy amidst sadnesses and peace amidst anxieties. In the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, in whom the fullness of divine love dwells, have pity on us miserable sinners.

As Christians, we pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus throughout our lives. Why? Because Jesus wants us to love Him with all our hearts, minds and souls.

We know that God is love and He wants us to experience His love in a personal way through His Son Jesus Christ. The heart of Our Lord is the source of divine love—it is from there that all loves flows outwards towards us miserable sinners who are lost without God’s saving grace!

The word “miserable” means “lacking in wealth or happiness.” It also refers to those who feel bad about themselves; people who feel worthless or not good enough for someone else’s affection – especially God’s affection for them personally because they don’t think they deserve it (which usually comes from growing up feeling abandoned by their earthly father figure).

O Sacred Heart of Jesus Son of the eternal Father, I consecrate myself to Thy most loving Heart

In these prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, you will find a variety of different ways to consecrate yourself to the heart of Christ so that you can receive His love more fully. Consecration is an important act that involves making a promise and committing yourself wholly to God. When you consecrate yourself to Jesus, it means that you are pledging your life and all its activities in service of God’s plans for your life.

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When we consecrate ourselves to God, we are saying yes to Him by promising Him our lives in return for everything He has done for us throughout history. We must trust in His love when we make this promise because if we do not trust Him enough then there is no reason why He should keep us around!

O sweetest heart of Jesus through the immaculate heart of Mary I offer thee my prayers,works, joys and sufferings

The following prayer is a traditional Catholic prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

O sweetest Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary I offer thee my prayers, works, joys and sufferings; all that is within me and all that surrounds me; at every moment of my life especially during this novena (9 days) in honor of Thy wonderful Sacred Heart with which I desire to be inflamed.

O most loving Heart! Mercifully accept this oblation from a heart that desires to glorify Thee for evermore by serving Thee better and loving Thee more each day.

O Jesus meek and humble of heart make my heart like unto Thine

In the gospel of Matthew, we find these words spoken by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ:

“Learn from Me for I am meek and humble of heart… For if you have bitter envy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast and lie against the truth. This wisdom is not that which comes down from above but is earthly, natural, demonic…” (Matthew 11:29-30).

Jesus has given us a perfect example to follow in order to live our lives humbly before God and others. He teaches us that we should love and respect others no matter how difficult it may be at times—and most importantly that every person on earth deserves dignity because they were created in God’s image!

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You can pray these sacred prayers every day to draw closer to God

You can pray these sacred prayers every day to draw closer to God.

  • Prayer for the Sacred Heart

O most sweet Jesus, full of grace and compassion, who has said: “Ask and you shall receive,” I humbly ask You through the intercession of Your Holy Mother, that You would give me what I want most as an act of love from Your Sacred Heart. Please do this because it is Your will and because You love me. Amen!

  • Prayer for the Souls in Purgatory (3 times a day)

O God, Who art the light of the mind: Enlighten those who are buried in darkness by sin; deliver us from anxiety and sadness through hope in Thee; make us trustful in Thy mercy; strengthen us against temptation by Thy grace; help us at our last hour when we need consolation above all else. Amen!

You can pray these sacred prayers every day to draw closer to God and deepen your relationship. They’re easy to remember, so try saying them every time you wake up in the morning or before going to bed at night. With just a little practice, these powerful words will become second nature as well as a vital part of your spiritual life!