How To Attract Young Families To Church

Churches are in desperate need of new members, and there are a lot of ways to attract them. You can hold services in modern facilities or use social media to connect with people. But what if you want to reach families with young children? One way to do this is by hosting family-friendly events. These events can be anything from Bible studies to concerts to special programming for kids. By creating a family-friendly atmosphere, you can encourage young families to explore your church and learn about what it has to offer.

Church should focus on the Gospel

The Church should focus on the Gospel. The Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ. It is the message that tells us about God’s love for us and how we can be saved. The gospel is why we go to church. We want to learn more about how we can have eternal happiness in Heaven.

Some people might say that the Church should not focus so much on preaching the gospel. They might think that other things, like building community or helping people in need, are more important. But I think the Church should preach the gospel all the time. Why?

First of all, preaching the gospel makes people happy. Jesus said, “If you love me, you will obey my commands” (John 14:15). Preaching the gospel makes people feel good because they know that they are accepted by God and that they can have eternal happiness in Heaven.

Second, preaching the gospel changes lives. When people hear about Jesus Christ and how he died for their sins, they change their lives forever. They realize that there is forgiveness available through Jesus Christ and they turn from their sins towards him. This change leads to peace and joy in life – it is a beautiful thing!

Finally, preaching the gospel leads to repentance. Repentance means turning away from our bad behavior and trying to live a better life as a result. When someone hears about repentance and how it can lead to Eternal Life in Heaven, they often decide to try

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Church should be family-friendly

Church should be family-friendly. This is especially important for attracting young families to church. Churches that are family-friendly often have ministries and activities specifically designed for young families. They may have nursery or early childhood programs, Sunday school classes, and children’s ministry events. Church leaders can also work to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and comfortable for families. This includes creating a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to relaxation and conversation.

Church should have programs that cater to families

Church should have programs that cater to families. Some churches offer free or discounted vaccines for children, daycare, and other important family-oriented programs. Churches should also make an effort to be more accessible and welcoming to all families, regardless of their religious beliefs. This can help attract new families to church, as well as keep existing families involved in church activities.

Church should focus on outreach

Church should focus on outreach to attract young families to church. One way to do this is by creating a family-friendly environment. Church services should be available on different days and times that are convenient for the family, and the pastor or leaders should be friendly and welcoming to parents and their children. Services can also be designed with interactive activities for children, such as story time, Bible games, and crafts. And lastly, pastors and leaders should make an effort to get to know members of the congregation and build relationships with them.


Church is one of the most important things in a person’s life. It can bring people together, minister to their spiritual needs, and provide them with a sense of community. But attendance at church can be low among certain demographics, and that’s something we need to address. Here are some tips on how to attract young families to church: 1) Make sure your church services are relevant to their lives. Younger families tend to be more technologically-obsessed than older families, so make sure your sermons are tailored specifically for them. 2) Offer kids activities that interest them outside of worship service. This will help keep them engaged and looking forward to coming back instead of drifting away as they get older. 3) Develop relationships with local schools and youth ministries in order for children and teens to have an opportunity meet up with Christians before they even start attending church services regularly. This will give them a good foundation from which they can grow into Christian adults.

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