Closing Prayer For Virtual Meeting

It’s been a tough few weeks. You’ve been working hard, and you deserve a break. So why not take a break in the form of a virtual meeting? A virtual meeting is a great way to get work done without leaving your office. All you need is a computer and an internet connection-no need for expensive software or hardware. Plus, it’s easy to keep track of who’s attending and what they’re doing at any given time. So whether you need to catch up on your emails or take care of some business, a virtual meeting is the perfect way to do it. Let us help you set one up today!



This blog post is meant as an opportunity for individuals to share their thoughts and prayers for a virtual meeting being held today. This meeting is being held between 10 different churches in order to discuss ways to better serve their members.

Opening Prayer

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This virtual meeting is coming to a close. We have all shared some powerful and thought-provoking ideas. I want to thank each of you for participating and sharing your thoughts. I am grateful for the time we’ve spent together.

I invite you to continue to explore the themes raised during this gathering by following these links:

The first link offers a closer look at how prayer affects our daily lives, while the second provides insights on how we can pray in a more effective way.

Finally, I would like to offer my closing prayer:
We come before You today with humble hearts seeking Your guidance and wisdom as we navigate this life journey. Bless us Lord, with courage, strength and hope as we face the challenges that lie ahead. Help us always to remember that You are with us – even when we cannot see You or feel Your presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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When starting a virtual meeting, follow these guidelines to create a respectful and productive experience for all participants.

1. Define the purpose of the meeting: What are you hoping to achieve by convening? This will help you focus your discussion.

2. Set ground rules: Establish who can speak, when they can speak, how long each person has for their comments, and any other rules that need to be followed in order to keep the conversation on track.

3. Respect everyone’s time: Keep discussions concise and avoid going off on tangents. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to speak and no one should feel rushed or left out.

4. Be aware of your surroundings: Make sure that you’re aware of any visual distractions (e.g., people walking by outside the window, people talking in the next room) so that you don’t miss anything important happening in the meeting.

5. Be considerate of others: If someone is speaking but seems uncomfortable or overwhelmed, give them a break or step in if necessary to ensure that their voice is heard. Remember that everyone is feeling some degree of anxiety or stress at any given time; try not to add to it!


Attendees at the closing prayer for the virtual meeting were from around the world. They came from different denominations and faiths, but all of them shared one common goal: to continue the conversation started in the meeting.



1. Before the meeting begins, everyone should say a closing prayer.
2. The meeting should be ended with a closing prayer.
3. After the meeting is over, remember to thank everyone for attending and then say a closing prayer.

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Closing Prayer

We come together in prayer to end this virtual meeting on a positive note. We ask for God’s grace and mercy as we let go of each other. In His light, we will face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Amen.