Can You Get Married At The Church At The Silos

We all know that weddings can be expensive, so it’s no wonder that many couples are considering churches other than the traditional wedding venue. However, if you’re looking for an unconventional wedding venue, check out the church at the silos! Why?

Because this unique church is located in a former industrial complex and offers stunning views of the cityscape. Not to mention, the space can accommodate up to 200 guests for ceremonies and receptions. So why not give this unique wedding venue a try? You may be pleasantly surprised.

What Is The Silo Church?

When most people think of a church, they imagine a traditional building with steeple and stained glass windows. The Silo Church is an exception. Located in the town of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, the church is made entirely of silos.

The Silo Church was built in 1972 by Dr. Jimmy Swaggart and his wife, Marilyn. At the time, there wasn’t a single other building in town made from recycled agricultural products. The Swaggarts believed that God wanted them to build a church out of silos because they were sustainable structures that could last for many years.

Today, the Silo Church holds services every Sunday morning and has a congregation of about 50 people. The church has been featured on various television shows and magazines, including 60 Minutes and People magazine.

The History Of The Silo Church

The Silo Church is one of the oldest churches in the United States, and it dates back to 1864. The church was originally built as a chapel to serve the workers at the nearby silos. Over time, the church became more popular and was eventually given its own congregation. Nowadays, the church is a place where people can come to pray and worship.

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What To Expect At A Wedding At The Silo Church

If you’re looking for an amazing wedding venue in the central Pennsylvania area, you need to check out The Silo Church! This rustic church has been hosting weddings since 1936 and is known as a place where couples can feel truly connected to one another. Here are some of the things you can expect at a wedding at The Silo Church:

The ceremony will be held in the main sanctuary, which has beautiful stained glass windows and an ornate altar. There’s also plenty of room for guests to watch the ceremony from anywhere in the church.

Once the ceremony is over, head outside for photos beneath the towering tree that’s been planted in front of the church. You’ll also want to take advantage of all of the outdoor seating options – including benches on either side of the church property, as well as around a fire pit that’s perfect for warming up on cold winter days.

Finally, don’t forget about dessert! The Silo Church offers delicious wedding cakes and pastries that your guests are sure to love.

How To Get Married At The Silo Church

The Silo Church is a unique place that offers couples the opportunity to get married right in the middle of the wheat field. The church was built in 1970 and is located just outside of Silo, Oklahoma. The church is open to the public and offers marriage ceremonies for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

To get married at the Silo Church, couples must first make an appointment through the church office. Once you have made your appointment, you will need to bring a copy of your marriage license with you to the ceremony. The ceremony itself takes place on a hill overlooking the wheat field and features live music from local bands. After getting married at the Silo Church, you and your spouse are free to enjoy a beautiful day in the countryside!

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What To Bring To A Wedding At The Silo Church

When planning your wedding, the Silo Church is a unique and stunning option. With a capacity for up to 350 guests, the Silo Church offers plenty of room to celebrate your big day.

If you’re looking for something rustic and vintage-inspired, don’t miss out on the Silo Church’s options for wedding attire. From pastoral dresses to lace gowns, there’s sure to be something perfect for you. Another great thing about the Silo Church is that it allows couples to choose their own officiant, meaning that there’s no need to worry about picking someone who isn’t compatible with you or your partner.

Finally, if you’re wondering what kind of food and beverages you can expect at a wedding at the Silo Church, don’t worry! The church has a full catering service that can provide everything from Buffet style meals to cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres.

What To Wear To A Wedding At The Silo Church

There is no wrong way to dress for a wedding at the Silo Church, as long as you feel comfortable and look your best. If you’re looking for something classic, opt for a floor-length gown or skirt. For a more modern look, choose something sleek and chic.

You can also go for a brightly colored dress if you’re feeling festive. Accessorize with Statement Earrings and a Lovely Makeup Showcase to complete your look!