Saint Cajetan Prayer For Good Luck

Saint Cajetan Prayer For Good Luck

My name is __________, and I am unemployed. I come before you today to ask for your intercession in helping me find a job. As the patron saint of the unemployed, it’s only fitting that you would be the one to help me through my current struggle with no income or career prospects.

O glorious Saint Cajetan, you have been called by divine providence

Saint Cajetan was born in 1480 and died in 1547. He was a Franciscan friar and founded the Theatines, a religious order. He is the patron saint of unemployed people.

Saint Cajetan Prayer For Good Luck:

Saint Cajetan, You have been called by divine providence to help us find Our path to happiness. To open our hearts—to be open to God’s grace, wisdom, love and peace so that we may grow closer to God each day. We praise you for your many miracles which have helped so many people over centuries to overcome obstacles they could not face alone. We pray with confidence today asking for Your intercession on our behalf that we may reach out with compassion towards others who are struggling themselves through difficult times whether spiritual or physical struggles as well as those who are suffering physically due illness or old age; financial struggles due unemployment; legal struggles due divorce proceedings etc., I ask also that these prayers will be answered in my favor so that I can continue on my mission here on earth without any hindrance from anyone else but only through Your guidance alone Amen

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the heavenly patron of the unemployed.

Saint Cajetan is the patron of the unemployed, and his intercession is especially sought by those seeking employment. As a member of the Theatines, he was a priest and a teacher. He also founded an order dedicated to preaching missions among the poor and abandoned. As such, Saint Cajetan represents compassion for those who are suffering due to unemployment or other hardships.

This prayer can be said before a job interview or at any time you feel that God may be calling you to look for work:

Saint Cajetan pray for me! My Lord Jesus Christ give me this day my daily bread!

Intercede with God for me, that he may hear my prayers, open to me

It is important to intercede with God for me, that he may hear my prayers, open to me the way of a new job and give me courage and strength.

the way to a new job and bestow on me an increase in grace, courage and strength

Saint Cajetan, I ask you to pray for me.

I am unemployed and need a new job. Please help me to accept the difficulties that come with unemployment. Give me courage to cope with the stress of being out of work and fill my mind with positive thoughts about a new job opening up for me soon! Help me see that everything happens for a reason and it is not by chance that I am without employment right now–there is something better waiting just around the corner!

Saint Cajetan, please increase my grace so that I may be obedient when faced with any difficult situations during this period of unemployment in my life!

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to accept the difficulties which are part of being unemployed.

Let us, therefore, with confidence and simplicity of heart, approach the throne of God. We know that He hears our prayers and will be gracious to us. Let us beg Him to give us patience and strength to overcome all difficulties which may come in our way. Let us ask Him not only for food but also for good luck so that we may find work again soon.

The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the author of peace in heaven and on earth will hear your prayers for good luck at job interviews or when you apply for a new position.

Ask Saint Cajetan for help finding a job.

Saint Cajetan is the patron saint of job seekers, so it’s no surprise that he’s often called upon to help find a job. If you’re looking for work and need a little luck on your side, we have just the prayer for you!

  • Ask Saint Cajetan to help you find employment in your chosen field.
  • Pray this prayer every day until you get hired: “Saint Cajetan, help me find my next position. I want something challenging and meaningful, with flexible hours so I can spend more time at home with my family.”
  • Make sure that all prayers are said aloud or silently (reading them over and over doesn’t count!).


There are many ways to ask for help from Saint Cajetan. You can pray the above prayer and ask him directly by name or you can simply say, “Saint Cajetan, please help me find a new job.” It is also important to keep in mind that this saint has been called upon by many people over the course of history and he has come through every time. So have faith!

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