Prayers for Cheating Husband to Come Home

Prayers for Cheating Husband to Come Home

It’s been a long, tough day. You’ve been working your butt off at your job and then you head home to an angry, cheating husband. It seems like it’s only getting worse by the minute. In this difficult situation, what do you do? Well, there are plenty of prayers that can be offered up for a cheating husband to come home safely and repent for his actions. This doesn’t mean that you have to condone or encourage his behavior; it just means that you want him to come home in one piece so that you two can try and rebuild your relationship. Prayer is an incredibly powerful tool, and it can help us in difficult times. If you find yourself in this type of situation, reach out to a trusted friend or family member for support. They may be able to offer words of wisdom or guidance in how to deal with this difficult situation.


If you are a wife whose husband is cheating on you, or if you are the husband who is cheating on your wife, there are prayer requests that can help restore your relationship. You may want to consider praying for forgiveness, for a change of heart, and for guidance in how to repent and repair the damage that has been done. Prayer can also be helpful in addressing any underlying issues that may be contributing to the cheating behavior.

Prayer for Cheating Husband

Dear Lord,

I am asking for your help in regards to my husband cheating on me. I know that he is not a perfect person and that he has done wrong before, but I cannot seem to break free from this cycle of betrayal. Please help me to forgive him and bring him back home to me. I know that we can work through this issue if you are willing to help us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Prayer for a cheater husband to come home

Dear God,

We know that our husband has been cheating on us and we are so sorry. Please help him to come home and to change his ways. Please give him the strength to face his actions and to realize how much he is hurting us. We know that he loves us very much and we want him back in our lives.

Please help him to see the error of his ways and to come home to us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

How to pray for a cheater husband

One of the most difficult things for a cheater to endure is feeling ostracized and alone. Prayer can be an incredibly powerful tool for helping them overcome this isolation and reconnect with their faith. Below are five prayers that can help a cheater husband come home to his family:

1. Lord, please forgive me for my sin of cheating. I know it was wrong, and I deeply regret it. Please help me to learn from this experience and find lasting repentance. Please guide me back into your friendship and love, and help me to lead a life that is worthy of your acceptance once again.

2. Father God, I know my husband is struggling right now as he faces the consequences of his actions. Please give him strength as he tries to make things right again with us. Help him to understand how much damage he has done both physically and emotionally, and provide him with the support he needs to start over.

3. Holy Spirit, you are the giver of wisdom and knowledge. Help my husband learn from this experience so that it doesn’t happen again in the future. Fill him with your love so that he can see what is really important in life – his family and friends – and let him know that you will always be there for him no matter what happens.

4. Thank you for all the times you have helped us through our difficulties in the past. Now help my husband see how this situation fits into that pattern – as

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When to pray for a cheater husband

Prayer can be an effective tool in restoring trust and rebuilding a relationship with a cheater husband. However, there are certain times when prayer may not be the best approach.

If your husband has cheated on you before, then it is likely that he has done so again. The more times your husband has cheated on you, the harder it will be for him to change his behavior. It’s important to remember that your husband is not seeking God’s forgiveness for his actions; he is only looking for relief from the pain he feels.

If your husband has recently admitted to cheating, then prayer may be a good approach. Prayer can help you deal with the feelings of anger and betrayal that you may feel. You should also pray for wisdom and understanding as you try to rebuild your trust in your husband.

If your husband has not cheated on you before, then there is no need to go into great detail about how to pray for him. Prayer can be a powerful tool in restoring any relationship, but it must fit the situation at hand.


We all know that cheating on our spouse can feel like the worst thing ever, but sometimes it’s just not possible to keep our relationships healthy if we don’t cheat from time to time. Whether we’re struggling with an addiction or simply find ourselves in a difficult situation, infidelity is a fact of life. But even though cheating might be unavoidable at times, that doesn’t mean we have to come to terms with it quietly. In fact, there are many ways we can put our cheating husband or wife back in their place and show them how much they mean to us. There’s nothing like feeling powerful and loved enough to make us reconsider straying from the path of righteousness!

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