Prayer To St Thomas Aquinas

Prayer To St Thomas Aquinas

O blessed Angel of the School of Heaven, enlighten my understanding, inflame my will, guide my life, rule my actions, protect me in the hour of trial; make me wise in learning, steadfast in praying and pure in living.

O blessed Angel of the School of Heaven, who dost teach us by thy example to follow Christ, grant that we may enter into His school, and be taught by Him; so that we may be able to do what Thou didst in this world, namely:

  • To defend the faith against heretics and unbelievers;
  • To enlighten sinners by preaching and writing;
  • To vindicate justice against oppressors;
  • And finally to fight for our salvation until death.

enlighten my understanding,

My prayer is simple: enlighten my understanding.

I ask that you guide me, Father, so that I can better understand the world around me and more profoundly reflect on its meaning.

I know that your work is not an easy one, for it requires us to constantly turn our minds away from what we are accustomed to seeing and hearing in order to see afresh and listen again with new ears. It is a task of conversion, first of all within ourselves but also through us as we help others make their own conversions too.

inflame my will,

I ask that you inflame my will with a flame of love for God and neighbor, who is my self.

I ask that you inflame my will with a flame of love for God, who is the ultimate Father and to whom I owe loyalty like a child owes to her father.

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I ask that you inflammae my will with a flame of love for neighbor, who is your son/daughter/brother or sister in Christ as well as all those whom we encounter in life’s journey.

guide my life,

You are St Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of Catholic universities and colleges. You are a philosopher, theologian and canon lawyer. You were a priest who was also a Dominican friar—the Order which specializes in teaching theology to students. Your life was dedicated to knowledge and wisdom; you taught at the University of Paris for almost two decades!

You wrote many books on how people should live their lives according to the teachings of Christianity. In fact, one of your most famous works is called Summa Theologiae (or “The Sum Total”), which means “a summary of all theology” in Latin—and it’s still used today by Catholic priests worldwide!

rule my actions,

Pray, O holy St. Thomas, that my actions may be guided by your teaching in conformity with God’s will.

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protect me in the hour of trial;

St Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of students and teachers, as well as Catholic schools, universities, and theologians. As a result, he is widely venerated by Catholics around the world—especially those who are studying in school or preparing to enter higher education. If you have been struggling with your studies or need some guidance regarding your future course of study, the following prayer will help you ask St Thomas Aquinas for his aid:

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“Saint Thomas Aquinas, great teacher and theologian, who wrote so many works on faith and reason that they fill libraries today; please help me on my journey through life as I grow in knowledge of God’s love.”

make me wise in learning,

Dear Saint Thomas Aquinas,

I pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding in the learning process.

I pray that I may have the courage to learn from my mistakes.

Teach me to be wise rather than clever so that I may remain humble in all situations.

Help me to choose wisely between right or wrong paths, so that I can grow as a person and make good decisions in life.

steadfast in praying,

This prayer is for all those who believe in God, and for those who follow the teachings of St Thomas Aquinas. This includes those who pray to God, or St Thomas Aquinas directly, or through intercession by the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary.

Prayers are heard!

pure in living.

To St Thomas Aquinas,

I pray that you will help me to be pure in living.

Help me to love God with my whole heart and mind and soul. To love Him above all things. To love Him above my self. To love Him so much that I would die for Him if necessary. Help me to be a good example of what it means to be a good Christian, a true follower of Christ, so that others will see the value in following His path as well.

St Thomas Aquinas, may I become like you by learning from your writings and life experiences how best to live out my faith as a disciple of Jesus Christ today on earth!

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Pray to St Thomas Aquinas for help understanding.

O good and glorious prince, whose wisdom illumines the Church, and who by your writings has taught us all things necessary for salvation, I humbly pray you to enlighten my mind so that I may understand the truths which are contained in this book, and inflame my will so that I may desire and love them. By your grace shed forth on me with great abundance through Jesus Christ our Lord! Amen!


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