Prayer To Our Lady Of Fatima

Prayer is a powerful tool that can help us connect with God and find comfort during difficult times. Many people turn to prayer during difficult times to ask for guidance and strength.

Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima, Queen of Peace, we come to you in humble prayer.
Our world is in a state of crisis. We face many challenges: wars, terrorism, natural disasters. We need your help.
We ask you to please guide us through these difficult times. Protect us from harm. Comfort us in our sorrows. Grant us the strength to overcome these challenges.
We thank you for your intercession on our behalf. Amen

The Saint’s Message

The Virgin Mary appeared to three shepherd children in Fatima, Portugal, on April 13, 1917. She asked them to pray for the conversion of Russia and the forgiveness of her people.

In the 108 years since the Fatima apparitions, many people have prayed to Our Lady of Fatima. Pope John Paul II called her “the Mediatrix of all graces” and said she is “the protectress and patroness of the universal Church.”

Pope Francis has said that “Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima is an important means for lifting up our hearts to God and for being united in faith with all Christians.”

The Fatima Message

Pope Francis has proclaimed the “Diary of Sister Lucia” as a source of spiritual guidance for the modern world. In it, Lucia describes her visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Portugal in 1917.
One particular vision caught the Pope’s attention: an angel named Jacinta appeared to Lucia and told her that the Lady desired to give her a message for the world.

The Lady said that she wanted her children to return to her, repenting for their sins and asking for forgiveness. She also asked them to make sacrifices in order to halt World War I and other conflicts.

Many people have found comfort and hope in the Lady’s words. If you are looking for a faith-based inspiration, consider reading or listening to the Diary of Sister Lucia.

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The Promise of Fatima

The Marian apparitions at Fatima were said to have occurred in 1917 and 1925. During the first visit, the Blessed Virgin allegedly appeared to three shepherd children, Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco, and announced that her Son would come again soon to rid the world of sin. In October of 1917, she returned and this time also visited a number of adults. She warned them of an impending global war, which would be followed by a period of great turmoil. A third visit followed in May of 1925. At this time, the Blessed Virgin allegedly disclosed more specific details about her Son’s coming and also prophesied His assassination.

The Catholic Church has long venerated these apparitions as authentic prophecies from Mary. There is no denying that they have had a profound impact on many people over the years – even if some of their predictions have not yet come true. Regardless of such caveats, the messages conveyed at Fatima are still worth pondering today. For example, we can learn something about our own faith by considering what the Blessed Virgin told her followers back in 1917: that we need to turn to God in prayer and hope for his mercy and love. If we really take heed to her words, perhaps we can start to

My Prayers to Our Lady of Fatima

I offer my prayers to Our Lady of Fatima each and every day. I believe that if we pray to her often enough, she will intercede on our behalf. I also believe that she is a powerful help in times of need.

Recently, I had a really difficult time with some personal family issues. I was really struggling to cope with the stress and anxiety that was piling up. But then, I remembered how much Our Lady of Fatima helps those who pray to her.

So, I started praying to her again. And surprisingly, things started getting better! The stress and anxiety started to dissipate and eventually disappeared. I don’t know how or why it worked, but it did.

So, whether you’re having a tough time or just need a little help getting through your day, remember to pray to Our Lady of Fatima! She’ll be there for you, as she always has been throughout history

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Thank you, Lady of Fatima, for your messages of love and peace. We here at The Catholic Prayer Book are grateful for your guidance and blessings. May the light of your miraculous interventions guide us along the paths of righteousness. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.