Prayer For Our New President

Many people are looking to President-elect Donald Trump with apprehension, others are looking forward to his presidency with hope. Regardless of your political stance, it is important that we all pray for our new president and each other during this time.

Prayer for our new president

Dear God,

We thank you for your continued guidance as we enter into this new presidency. Please continue to bless America and our new leader with wisdom, fortitude, and favor. We ask that you keep them safe from harm and may they lead us in righteousness throughout their time in office.

In the meantime, please help us all to pray for our country – for peace, healing, and safety for all. Please also help us to be good citizens and stand up against injustice. Thank you for keeping America great!

Your friends at

Prayer for America

Dear God,

Thank you for selecting wisely our new president. Bless him and guide him as he assumes the leadership of our great nation. We ask that you would keep America safe and prosperous under his leadership, and that you would protect the innocent victims of senseless violence. Please also protect our religious liberty and allow us to continue to practice freely in accordance with your word. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Prayer for our new president

Many people are praying for our new president, Donald Trump. Some people are praying for him because they believe in God, some people are praying for him because they want the best for our country, and some people are just praying for peace.

Regardless of why people are praying, all of us can benefit from prayer. Whether we’re asking God to help us understand what Trump will do as president or to protect the nation during his time in office, prayer can be a powerful tool.

The Bible teaches that we can always count on God to help us in times of need. So let’s join together and pray for President Trump and all of our leaders, so that America will be a better place for everyone.

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Trump’s inauguration

On Friday, January 20, Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. This historic event happened amidst controversy and protests, but also brought together Americans from all walks of life to pray for him and each other.

Although some are skeptical about Trump’s ability to keep his promises, we believe that if he can lead with humility and repentance, God can use him to do great things for our country. We offer up our prayers for President Trump and pray that he will be a faithful steward of the awesome power and privilege entrusted to him.

How Christians can pray for our new president

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to write about prayer, but it’s something that I think about a lot. Prayer is one of the most important things that Christians can do. Prayer can help us connect with God, and it can help us learn more about Him.

I think that prayer can help us during times of crisis. For example, we may need prayer when our country is going through a tough time. We might also need prayer when we’re facing difficult situations in our lives.

Prayer can also help us find comfort in difficult times. When we pray, we’re able to talk to God about our problems. This can help us feel better, and it can even help us solve the problem.

Prayer is an important part of our Christian journey. So if you’re feeling down, or if you have some questions about prayer, don’t hesitate to reach out to God. He’ll be there for you!

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In the days and weeks following our election, it’s clear that many of us are feeling helpless and scared. As Christians, we know that God is always with us, even in the darkest times. We ask him to help guide our new president and unite America as one nation under God. May his words be persuasive and may he grant America the wisdom it will need to move forward into this new era with dignity and strength.