Prayer For Ordination Of A Deacon

Do you have a dream to serve the Lord in some way? Are you longing to be ordained as a deacon? If so, this article is for you! Learn about the ordination process and how to prepare for it. Pray for guidance and strength as you go through this important step in your Christian journey.

Purpose of prayer

Prayer is a powerful tool that can be used to help us in our prayers for ordination. Prayer can serve as an anchor for our beliefs, provide comfort and guidance, and inspire us to seek God’s will.

When we pray for ordination, we can ask for help in understanding God’s will for our life and ministry. We can also ask for strength to faithfully serve God in the role of deacon.

If you are praying for ordination, it is important to remember that no one gets ordained without the Lord’s permission. Praying sincerely and seeking guidance from God will help you reach your goals.

Prerequisite for ordination as deacon

Ordination as deacon is a prerequisite for ordination to the priesthood. Ordination as deacon is an order of ministry in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

A person must be a member in good standing and have been so for at least one year prior to seeking ordination as a deacon. A person may not be ordained to the priesthood until he or she has also been ordained to the office of deacon.

The process for ordaining someone to the office of deacon generally includes several steps. First, a prayerfully considered nomination is made by the bishop. Second, if the candidate meets the qualifications set by the church, he or she is interviewed by the presiding authority. Third, after approval by the presiding authority, the candidate is ordained to the office of deacon by virtue of prophetic authority. Fourth, if there are any questions about whether or not a person has been duly ordained, that matter is handled through general conference and/or by an ecclesiastical court.

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Components of a prayer for ordination

When preparing to pray for ordination, it is helpful to first understand the components of a prayer.

First, we need to ask for God’s blessings on the candidate. Secondly, we should express our gratitude for what the candidate has done for God and for others.

Finally, we need to request God to open the candidate’s eyes to see their calling and grant them the wisdom and courage to carry out that Calling.

Scriptural basis for ordination

Scriptural basis for ordination is found primarily in the Book of Acts. The apostles conferred authority on their associates, deacons, to perform various ministries in the early church (1:13-14). The term “deacon” was first used in the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, and refers to a servant or assistant.

In 1 Timothy 3:8-13, Paul describes three qualifications for a deacon: he must be free from anger, honest, and able to manage his own affairs. These qualities would seem to preclude someone from being ordained as a deacon if they have a history of anger or dishonesty.

In addition to biblical references, early Christian writers also developed additional arguments for ordination. Tertullian argued that deacons are ordained because they serve in the temple (Deacons 5). He believed that deacons were specially qualified to serve in this capacity because they were familiar with the scriptures. Justin Martyr also made this argument (First Apology 1). He believed that because deacons served in the temple, they were spiritually qualified to lead other Christians.

Other early Christian writers believed that deacons were ordained because of their preaching ability (Justin Martyr

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Dear Lord, I come before you today seeking your will for my ordination into the ordained ministry. Please guide me as I seek to serve you faithfully in this calling. In Jesus’ name, amen.