Prayer For Missing Child


The family of a missing child are asking for the community’s help in locating them. Cameron Boykin, who is three years old, was last seen at his home on Sunday morning. His family believes that he may have been abducted and is extremely worried about his safety. They are asking anyone with information regarding his whereabouts to please come forward.


It is estimated that 1 in 5 kids go missing each year and for those families affected, the fear of not knowing where their loved one is can be paralyzing. Families turn to prayer in an effort to find their child and according to a study conducted by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the use of prayer by parents who are searching for a missing child has increased over the last decade.

There are many ways to pray for a missing child and no one method is better than another. What is important is that you stay positive and engaged in your prayers. Prayer can provide comfort to families who are searching for their loved ones and it can also help reunite them with their children if they are found safe and sound.

Prayer Points

1. Pray for the family of the missing child and for strength during this difficult time.
2. Ask God to help find the child safely, and to protect them from any danger.
3. Thank God for His love and protection in times of need.
4. Pray for patience and strength as the search process progresses.
5. Ask God to guide police in their investigation and to provide guidance for those searching for the child.

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Prayer for a missing child

When a child goes missing, the parents and family feel a mix of emotions: hope, fear, confusion and worry. One thing that families can do to help cope is to pray for their loved one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers the following prayer as a way to connect with God during this difficult time:

Dear God, please help us find our child. We want him/her back more than anything in the world. Please keep us safe and guide us in what to do if we find our child. Thank you for listening to our prayers and bringing our child home safely.

How to pray for a missing child

When a child goes missing, the entire family is affected. The parents may feel like they are losing their child forever, and the children may feel scared and alone. There are many ways to pray for a missing child, and all of them can be helpful.

One way to pray for a missing child is to ask God to help find them. You can also recite prayers specifically for finding lost children or praying for protection from harm. You can also pray for guidance on how to handle the situation, and for strength during the search.

If you know the child is likely safe, you can also pray for peace in their families and for their safe return. You can also ask God to help those involved forgive one another in light of the tragedy.

Praying for a missing child is an important way to support both the family and the search itself. Thanks for joining us in prayer!

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Prayer for the Missing Child

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please help find our little one. We know You are watching over her and we ask that You please bring her home safe and sound.

In the meantime, we pray for strength for all of her family and friends during this time. Please give them comfort in their sadness and help them to understand that You are always with them.

We love You, Lord Jesus Christ. Please keep our little one close to Your heart.


We all feel the pain of a missing child. Whether they’re gone for just a few hours or days, we want them back home safe and sound. When something like this happens, it’s natural to turn to our loved ones for comfort and support. But sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes we need to find another way to connect with our lost child. Maybe praying is what you need to do. Whether you are religious or not, prayer can be an incredibly healing experience. It allows us to connect with our Higher Power in a way that ispersonal and authentic, no matter what our beliefs may be. If you are feeling lost after your loved one has gone missing, prayer might be just what you need to help get through this difficult time