Prayer For Marriage In Crisis

Prayer For Marriage In Crisis

I don’t know about you, but I am not a naturally optimistic person. Praying for my marriage when it is in crisis takes a lot of effort and energy. It’s easy to get discouraged and give up, which is why it’s so critical that we keep praying for our spouses and our marriages. Here are some ways I’ve found that can help me pray effectively:

Pray for your spouse.

Pray for your spouse.

Pray that God would save your spouse’s soul, heal their body, protect them from harm and give them the wisdom they need to make decisions. Pray that God will bring light into their darkness and peace into their chaos. Pray that He will give them joy in the midst of sadness and comfort when they are hurting. Pray that He would guide your spouse’s steps with His mercy, grace and love so that he or she might one day come closer to God through his Son Jesus Christ.

Praying for Your Spouse and Your Marriage: A How-To.

How do you pray for your spouse? You can pray for them every day, but you should also make sure a specific aspect of your prayer life is focused on your spouse. Here are some ideas:

  • Pray that they would be saved and come to know Christ as their Savior.
  • Pray that God would heal any emotional wounds they may have and release them from the pain of past experiences (abuse, rejection, etc.).
  • Pray that God would guide them in making wise choices about money and finances; this is especially important if one of you has more debt than the other or if there are financial issues in the marriage (i.e., one spouse spends too much money).
  • Ask God to protect your spouse when they’re at work or out with friends—make sure they get home safely!
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I pray that my marriage will not be based on lies but on truth.

Pray that your marriage will be based on truth and not lies. A relationship where you are constantly deceiving each other will not last. It is important to be honest with each other so that you can build a strong foundation for your marriage.

I pray that my spouse will not be led into temptation, but I pray that you would deliver him from evil.

You may think that the best way to pray for your spouse is to ask God to take away their temptations, but that’s not what you should be praying for. Instead, ask God to deliver your spouse from evil.

That’s because Satan and demons work by tempting people into sin, so asking God to remove temptation actually gives them more opportunity to attack your marriage. When you pray for deliverance, you are denying Satan any chance at all of hurting your relationship—and also giving God an opportunity for His glory!

Lord, I pray that You would make all of the plans of my spouse known to me, and that all of those plans would give glory to You.

Lord, I pray that You would make all of the plans of my spouse known to me, and that all of those plans would give glory to You.

I come before Your throne in prayer today with my marriage on my heart. I ask for Your help to set aside any pride or selfishness that might be hindering my ability to see clearly how best to serve You in this situation. If it is not what is best for our marriage and for our family, then please open my eyes so that I can see it as such.

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I also ask You to give me wisdom as far as finances are concerned; sometimes it is hard not having enough money because we are both working full-time jobs while taking care of a house full of kids! Please lead us into financial stability so that everything we do will be done righteously before Thee!

Searching for someone to marry? Here’s how to do it God’s way.

If you’re single and looking for a spouse, the most important thing you can do is pray. Pray that God will bring someone into your life who will be best suited to make a home with you.

In order to find this person, it’s important that you seek God’s will for your life as well as theirs. We need to be honest with ourselves about our past relationships and what part we played in them ending (or not). If there are things from our past that might come up later on down the road and cause problems, it’s best if we deal with them now instead of later when they could end up being a bigger issue than they already are. After all, we have nothing but time when we get married!

Praying for your marriage is a good first step in restoring it.

Praying for your marriage is a good first step in restoring it. Pray for your spouse, pray for your marriage, pray for your family and children, pray for yourself and your future, but most of all pray for the past—what happened? Why did I do what I did? How can we move forward from here?

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Now that you’ve read this article, you may be wondering what to do next. The next step is to pray! You don’t need to wait until tomorrow or next week or even next year to start praying for your marriage. It’s a good idea to set aside time each day—preferably in the morning before work or school—to sit quietly and reflect on how God can help restore your relationship with your spouse.