Prayer For Healing A Family Member

Prayer For Healing A Family Member

My family has been plagued with illness for years. We have prayed to heal our loved ones, but their conditions continue to worsen. I am writing this prayer in the hopes that my family can be healed and live full lives again.

Prayer 1

  • Prayer for Healing
  • Father, we pray that you would heal our family member of ____________ (name the affliction). This person is precious to us and we want them to be well again. Please send your Holy Spirit to help them in their struggle. We believe that with Your power and grace, this person can overcome this illness/pain/disease or whatever it may be. Amen!

Prayer 2

You can also pray for the family members. They may be feeling a lot of stress and worry. It’s important that they know God will help them through this difficult time. You can pray that they will feel peace in their hearts as they face their loved one’s illness or injury.

If you’re concerned about someone you know who is sick or injured, it’s important to remember that God cares about your needs too! He wants to give us peace and comfort during our times of trouble, so we can trust in Him fully knowing He has everything under control!

Prayer 3

  • Pray for the sick person.
  • Pray for their family and friends.
  • Pray for their doctors and nurses.
  • Pray for their church family, who are praying with them and supporting them as they go through this trial in life. The whole church body is a part of this spiritual body as well, so take time to pray specifically on behalf of your pastor or pastoral staff members who are supporting the family during this difficult time.
  • Pray for their community, especially if there are those in it who may be affected by the illness or death of someone close to them (i.e., friends or relatives). It can be easy to forget our neighbors when we’re worried about our own problems; instead, focus on how we can help strengthen one another during difficult times like these!
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Prayer 4

You should pray for your family member to be healed.

You should also pray for the family to be able to cope with the situation.

Pray that the doctors do their best and that your loved one will be able to make a full recovery.

Prayer 5

  • Pray that the person’s health improves.
  • Pray for the person’s family, friends, and coworkers. They may be feeling sad and confused about what has happened or might have questions about how to help the sick person get better.
  • Pray for the person’s job and finances because there will likely be changes in their life due to their illness (for example, they may not be able to work). They may need time off from work or have trouble paying bills while they are ill.

“My loving Father, I ask that you heal my loved one who has a disease that is taking over their body so they may live fully again.”

Our loving Father, you are the creator of everything. You are the giver of life and all good things come from you. You are the healer, and your word tells us that you can heal us in any way you choose to do it. We know that sometimes this healing comes in ways we don’t expect; however, we also know that your promises never fail.

So we ask that you would heal our loved one who has a disease/illness taking over their body so they may live fully again with no more pain or suffering because they now have hope for their future! We thank you for hearing our prayers today and look forward to seeing amazing miracles happen in their life as well as ours!

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It is my prayer that you will be able to use this prayer for healing a family member. I know the pain and worry that you are going through right now and I want to offer you hope. You can stop worrying about your loved one’s condition because God has already given us His promise that He will heal them! We just need to trust Him and believe in His Word as it says in Psalm 33:20 “weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”