Pope Francis’ Prayer To St Joseph

Pope Francis prayed to St. Joseph on Wednesday morning, asking him to intercede with God on behalf of the Church. Prayer is an important part of the Catholic faith, and Pope Francis has long been a vocal proponent of its importance. Find out more about what Pope Francis said in this prayer and how you can pray to St. Joseph yourself in the future!

What is the Prayer to St Joseph?

Pope Francis said the prayer to St Joseph is “to be entrusted to all of us.” The prayer is taken from the First Reading from the Book of Genesis. In this passage, God promises to make of Joseph a powerful leader and to give him many descendants.
Pope Francis said:
“The Lord declares to Jacob that he will make him a great nation, and bless him, and make his name great; and he will give him one of the branches of Adam, to rule over all the descendants of Adam, who are under his rule. And Jacob says to him, ‘Please let your servant stay with you, wherever you go; and I will serve you.’ Then the Lord says to him, ‘I am going to keep my covenant with you, and let you be a father of many sons’; and he stays with him.”

Pope Francis said:
“And Joseph gives orders to his steward Ephraim: ‘Tell my father I am alive and well; tell him I am serving you in Egypt.’ And Jacob does not know where his son is. Then Joseph turns around and sees his father coming from far away. He greets his father, but his father does not know what happened to him;

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The Message of the Prayer to St Joseph

Pope Francis’ Prayer to St Joseph, which was delivered during his weekly general audience on December 8th, 2017, is a beautiful expression of the relationship between the Pope and St. Joseph. The Pope begins by praising St. Joseph for his patience and kindness, and he asks for his intercession in relation to the Church.

Pope Francis’ Prayer to St Joseph is a reminder that we need to be patient and kind with each other, especially towards those who may not agree with us or who may challenge our beliefs. We need to remember that God is always working in mysterious ways, and that we can trust Him to guide us along our journey.

How to Pray the Prayer to St Joseph

Pope Francis’ Prayer to St Joseph is a prayer that many Catholics recite during the month of December. The prayer is often used to ask for help and guidance from God during the Christmas season.

To pray the Pope Francis’ Prayer to St Joseph, start by saying the Our Father. Next, say the following prayer:

“O God, our Father, we thank you for all of your blessings. We especially thank you for our mothers and fathers, for our brothers and sisters, and for Saint Joseph who has always been a faithful friend to us.”

After thanking God, say:

“We ask you, dear Saint Joseph, to intercede on our behalf with Jesus Christ. May he help us choose the right course in life and guide us in all our decisions. Amen.”


It’s no secret that Pope Francis is a devout Catholic, and his faith is apparent in everything he does. In fact, one of the things that has made him so popular with the public is his prayer to St Joseph. This prayer, which you can watch below, was delivered during a recent adoration ceremony at Saint Peter’s Square in Rome.

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History of the Prayer to St Joseph

Pope Francis has directed the Catholic Church to make a renewed devotion to St Joseph, the patron saint of fathers and families. The prayer is not new, but the Pope’s recent encouragement has given it renewed vigor.

The history of the prayer to St Joseph can be traced back to at least the 6th century AD. In his treatise “The Great Spiritual Exercises”, Saint Ignatius of Loyola recommended that Christians pray to St Joseph as their “protector and guide.”

Pope Pius XI added St Joseph’s name to the papal index of saints in 1923. In 1954, Blessed John Paul II introduced a special feast day for him, and in 1987 he made him a patron saint of families.

St. Joseph is often depicted with a book and rod, representing his teaching and guidance skills, as well as his role as protector of children.

Purpose of the Prayer to St Joseph

Pope Francis’ Prayer to St Joseph is a prayer that seeks guidance from the saint. In this prayer, Pope Francis invites St Joseph to help him in his ministry as the leader of the Catholic Church. He also asks for Saint Joseph’s forgiveness for any wrongs he may have done in the past.

Pope Francis’ Prayer to St Joseph can be helpful to people of all faiths. It can help them connect with their faith and learn more about Pope Francis’ personal beliefs. Additionally, it can provide guidance during difficult times.

How to Pray the Prayer to St Joseph

Pope Francis’ Prayer to St Joseph is a prayer that can be used by Catholics to pray for help and guidance. The prayer is commonly recited during the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Pope Francis’ Prayer to St Joseph can be recited as follows:

Our God, who chose you as guardian and protector of your children, give us grace to ask you for the help we need. Lead us along the path of truth and justice, and protect us from all harm. May we ever remember that you love us very much. Amen

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Benefits of Praying the Prayer to St Joseph

Pope Francis has made praying the prayer to St Joseph popular among Catholics, and there are many reasons why it is beneficial.

First and foremost, the prayer to St Joseph helps us reflect on our relationship with God. It helps us be more intentional in our prayers and connect intimately with our heavenly Father.

The prayer also helps us learn to trust God more fully. When we ask for help from St Joseph, we are acknowledging that He is already working behind the scenes to help us. We can learn to rely on Him more confidently in difficult situations.

Finally, the prayer to St Joseph helps us develop a deeper awareness of our own mortality and need for divine mercy. We can come to appreciate the importance of time spent with God, and learn to cherish every moment we have left on Earth.