Easter Prayer For Family

Easter Prayer For Family Easter is a special time of year, and it’s a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. This Easter prayer can be used as an excellent way to start out your morning by praising God for these blessings. It is so easy to get caught up in our … Read more

Daniel’s Prayer For 21 Days

Daniel’s Prayer For 21 Days Dear friend, I’m so glad you found this blog. I’m going to assume that you’re here because either: You’ve been searching for prayers to pray for your family and friends who are going through a rough time or experiencing a loss of some kind. You have had someone in your … Read more

Daily Prayer For Teenager

Daily Prayer For Teenager Dear Lord, thank you for everything that you have given me. Thank you for helping me to be the person that I am today. Thank you for helping me to be successful in everything I do. Lord, help me to be a stronger person every day. Lord, help me to work … Read more

Daily Prayer For Kids

Daily Prayer For Kids Dear Lord, thank You for this new day. I know that You are always here with me, even when I don’t feel it. I lift my hands and my voice to bless You. Thank You for the gift of a new day, Father! Dear Lord, Dear Lord, Thank you for this … Read more

Beautiful Prayer For Healing

Beautiful Prayer For Healing If you’re ill and want to pray for healing, you can try a beautiful prayer for healing. There are several types of prayers, but one of the most common is the Baha’i “Long Healing Prayer”. It can be a powerful prayer when said with the intention of healing. Another option is … Read more

Baptism Prayer For Baby

Baptism Prayer For Baby As a baby, you’re probably looking for a baptism prayer to say. But what exactly is baptism? This prayer is an important part of the ceremony, which involves anointing the child with oil on his head, signifying enrollment into the royal priesthood. The child’s parents will also say a baptism prayer … Read more

Catholic Prayer To St Jude

Catholic Prayer To St Jude Prayer for St Jude is one of the most popular Catholic prayers and a common intention for the day. It’s usually recited after saying the Rosary, or said as a separate prayer. According to the Roman Catholic Church , St. Jude is the patron saint of lost causes, and is … Read more

Catholic Prayer To Sleep

Catholic Prayer To Sleep As a Catholic, I’m always looking for new ways to pray. This is a simple prayer you can use at night before going to sleep. It’s very helpful if you’re having trouble falling asleep or are experiencing anxiety during the day. God, my creator and redeemer, you have entrusted me to … Read more