Night Prayer For Today

Night Prayer For Today

Let us pray.

God of the past, present and future, who has brought us through the day:

We thank you for the gift of sleep tonight, which will refresh our bodies and minds. In all our activities during the day we may have forgotten about you or taken you for granted; but now as we retire to rest we remember again your presence with us always, and ask for your blessing upon this night’s restful sleep. Amen

Everlasting God,

  • God, you are the Creator of all things.
  • God, you are the Sustainer of all things.
  • God, you are the Ruler of all things.
  • God, you are the Source of all things.
  • God, you are the Origin of all things.

The world has been bathed in your word today.

The world has been bathed in your word today. We have been washed, cleansed and sanctified by the Word of God. We have been justified by His grace.

May I sleep with clear conscience and awake with clean hands,

May I sleep with clear conscience and awake with clean hands,

that my mind be at ease and my heart full of joy.

May I rest in peace and rise refreshed,

and begin another day with a smile on my face.

wishing nothing for myself

Sometimes we’re so focused on what we want from others that we forget to think about what we need from ourselves. But the truth is that our wishes are not always our own. Sometimes they’re a manifestation of those above and beyond us, even if it doesn’t look like that on the surface.

Take my friend Will for example: he often wishes peace for his family and friends—and it’s not just because he wants them to be happy; it’s because he knows how much their happiness means to him! In other words, wishing nothing for yourself isn’t necessarily bad; sometimes it’s an expression of hope; sometimes it’s an expression of love; occasionally, you even find gratitude hidden within your wishes!

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that might sour my affections for you,

  • Don’t be jealous.

Jealousy is one of the most destructive emotions and can ruin a relationship. It causes resentment, anger, and bitterness in you and your spouse. If you have a tendency to be jealous it is important to ask God to help you overcome this sin as jealousy will destroy your marriage quickly if left unchecked.

  • Don’t be suspicious of your spouse’s every move or action.

If you are suspicious of everything they do or say then you will cause problems in your marriage due to constant arguments over trivial matters that may not even be true at all! Trusting each other is essential for any relationship but especially so in marriage when there are children involved who need both parents working together regardless of what has happened in the past!

Banish from me thoughts of power and pride against others,

“I pray that you grant me the grace to banish from my mind thoughts of power and pride against others, for I am not better than them; nor do I consider myself more important than they are; nor do I think that I am more intelligent than some of them.”

It can be hard for us to remember this. We tend to focus on our own lives and our own problems, but it is important to realize that there are other people who also have struggles, who also suffer in their own way–and we should not judge them or look down on them because of those struggles. As St. Augustine said: “Our hearts were made for you, O God… And here we find ourselves among so many brothers and sisters whom You gave us as fellow-citizens of this world.”

Banish from me thoughts of jealousy, suspicion or deceit.

Banish from me thoughts of jealousy, suspicion or deceit.

Jealousy is a form of evil that can destroy relationships. It can cause you to lose friends and family, and it can even rob you of your peace of mind.

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If in my heart I have felt a secret bias towards this one or that one,

If in my heart I have felt a secret bias towards this one or that one, let me not be afraid to admit it to God, who knows all things and can change my heart if he wills. Let me humbly seek his guidance in all matters of judgment.

I believe that the greatest good is found in prayer, so I resolve to make use of every opportunity to pray throughout the day and night.

reveal it to me now and may I be willing to change.

The Lord is my shepherd; I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul.

He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I fear no evil; for you are with me; your rod and your staff—they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” (Psalm 23:1-6)

Here is one way to pray this Psalm:

Give me a calmness before I retire to rest tonight, O Lord.

Before you retire to rest tonight, I pray that you will receive a calm mind and a peaceful heart.

I know that there are many things in your life that can cause anxiety or worry, but let them be forgotten for now. You have worked hard today, and tomorrow awaits with its own challenges. Let it not be said of you: “Today is good for nothing.” Instead, take time to rest before the long journey ahead of us all.

Let my eyelids droop to sleepiness with no thought of anxiety weighing on me.

Let your eyelids droop to sleepiness with no thought of anxiety weighing on you. In the morning, let them lift up as if rising from a dreamless sleep.

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Let me resist the temptation to worry about tomorrow with its problems.

One of the most important things you can do to not worry about tomorrow is to focus on today. When we think about our problems in the future and how we will manage them, it becomes harder for us to deal with them in the present. For example, if you are having trouble paying your bills and have no money left over at the end of each month, instead of worrying about what will happen when those bills arrive, try focusing on how much money you already have now.

If it helps, take a look at what some people call “The Law of Attraction” (it’s often associated with The Secret). This theory suggests that your thoughts and feelings attract things into your life based on their energy levels—the frequency or potency of those thoughts. In other words: If you’re thinking about something negative (like worrying), then more negative things will come into your life; but if you’re thinking positively (being grateful), then more positive things will come into your life!

I ask for the serenity needed to handle whatever the morrow may bring, Amen

Remember that the Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.

To those who have clean hands and a pure heart, who have not lifted up their souls to falsehood nor sworn deceitfully.

Let them hope in the LORD and keep their way intact, because he is ever ready to forgive, and his mercy is forever new.

When we pray at night, we should try to focus on God. We should think about what we have done wrong and try to make amends with those who might have been hurt by our actions. If we have done nothing wrong, then it is time to ask God for forgiveness so that he can help us do better next time!