Native American Prayer For Killing Animals

Native American Prayer For Killing Animals

It is with great sadness that we address the topic of animal slaughter. For centuries, people have relied on animals for food – and for clothing. We understand that there are many who rely on this trade for their livelihoods, but we also understand that it is wrong to inflict unnecessary pain and suffering on innocent creatures. In order to help those who still engage in this barbaric practice, we offer the following prayer. May you find strength to end this outdated way of life and spare the lives of all animals.

What is a prayer?

Native American prayer for killing animals has a specific purpose. The first step in the prayer is to ask the animal’s permission to slaughter it. The animal is then thanked for its contribution to the tribe and its ancestors. A sacrifice ceremony may follow, in which prayers are offered for the animal’s welfare in the afterlife.

A Native American Prayer for Killing Animals

Animal lovers everywhere often ask, “What Native American prayer can I say to help me kill animals humanely?” Here is a prayer from the Dakota Sioux Nation that may be of assistance:

“Great Spirit, we come before you today in gratitude for all the life you provide. We thank you for the deer, elk, and other animals that feed us. We know that they are not like us, and do not have feelings or emotions. Please help us to be mindful of their lives as we take them today. Bless our actions and help us to do what is right for these animals. Thank you.”

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The Purpose of Prayer in Native American Culture

Native American culture has a long and rich history of prayer, which is often used in conjunction with hunting and other forms of animal exploitation. Prayer is seen as a way to connect with the animals, who are considered to be kin spirit allies. Native Americans believe that by praying for the welfare of animals before hunting, they are ensured an easy hunt and a successful kill.

Prayer can also be used to ask for guidance during the hunt, as well as for forgiveness after taking an animal life. Some tribes even sacrifice specific types of animal during ceremonies in order to appease their spiritual ancestors and ensure good hunting luck.

Why pray for killing animals?

Prayer for killing animals has a long and varied history among cultures around the world. It can be seen as a way to please the gods or ask for their help in completing an important task. Some cultures believe that by praying for death, they will spare the animal from becoming food. Others believe that when animals are killed in accordance with prayer, they may gain favour with the gods and receive protection in the afterlife.

Whatever the reason, many people find prayer helpful when it comes to taking life. And while there are certainly those who advocate against harming any living thing, there is also a large contingent of believers who see prayer as an effective way to achieve their desired outcome—namely, violence done in accordance with divine will.

The Native American Prayer for Killing Animals

The Native American Prayer for Killing Animals is a prayer that allows hunters to release their anger and sadness over the killings of animals by invoking the help of the animal spirits. The prayer also honors the animal and asks for its forgiveness.

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Translation of the Prayer

Our Father,

We thank you for the gift of life.
We ask that you please bless and protect our animals as we kill them for food.
Please keep them safe from harm while they are with us and after they are dead.
In your name we do this,
and Amen.

What the Prayer Means

Native American Prayer For Killing Animals

The Navajo prayer for killing animals is a way to thank the animal for its life and to ask for its forgiveness. The prayer asks the animal to travel with the hunter in spirit, and reminds the hunter of their responsibility to take only what is necessary.


Before you go out and slaughter an animal, it is important to remember the prayers of the native Americans. This prayer is meant to help guide you as you take this life, and it should be considered before making any decisions.