Christmas Prayer For A Friend


Christmas is a time of year when we all get together with friends and family to celebrate. What better way to do that than by spending time with those we love, praying for them? Here’s a Christmas prayer for a friend—whether they are somebody you know well or not so well.

Prayers for a friend on Christmas

Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family, and give thanks for all that we have. Here are some prayers for a friend on Christmas:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving us friends to share our lives with. Thank you for blessing us with each other’s company. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Please bless my friend on Christmas Day as she begins her day surrounded by love and joy. May she feel your warmth and peace throughout the day. Amen.

Dear God,

Thank you for sending your son to earth to be born into this world as a human being. Your Son suffered greatly at the hands of humans but he also came to give us hope and redemption. For this reason, we pray today for our friend who is going through a tough time. Give her strength to carry on during this difficult time. We ask that you would fill her heart with your love and grace throughout this holiday season. Amen.

A prayer for peace on Christmas

Dear God,

Please help me to have a peaceful Christmas this year. I know that You are everywhere, and that You can help make this holiday special for my friends and family. Please keep them safe and healthy, and allow them to enjoy every moment.

Thank You for all the good things in life, and please help us to be thankful for those things each day. Bless our families, friends, and loved ones this holiday season. And most importantly, may we all find peace in Your presence.


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A prayer for strength on Christmas

Dear God,

Please help my friend to be strong this Christmas. Please give her the strength to face whatever challenges come her way, and to find happiness even in the darkest times. Please keep her safe and protect her from harm. Give her the strength to know that she is loved, and that you are always with her. Amen.

A prayer for guidance on Christmas

Dear God,

Please please help me to be as kind and gentle as you are this Christmas season. I know that my friend is going through a lot right now and I want to be there for her, but I’m not sure how to do that without hurting her feelings. Please give me guidance on what to do. In the meantime, please keep her safe and happy.


A prayer for happiness on Christmas

I am asking for your happiness this Christmas. I want you to have a joyous and festive season, full of peace and love. I believe that when we focus on bringing happiness to others, it inevitably returns to us. May your holiday be filled with good memories and happy thoughts.

A prayer for love on Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate love and happiness. To make this holiday even more special, we can pray for our loved ones. A prayer for love on Christmas can help bring joy into someone’s life who is feeling lonely or isolated.

We can begin by thanking God for all the love He has given us throughout the year. We can also ask Him to bless our friends and family members with happiness and love on Christmas Day. Finally, we can petition Him to keep them safe and healthy throughout the coming year.

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A final prayer for a Merry Christmas

Dear God,

We come to you this Christmas season with humble hearts, grateful for all that you have done for us. You have brought us happiness and joy in our lives, and we thank you for always being there for us.

We pray that this Christmas will be a happy one for our friend. We ask that you bless her with love and happiness throughout the holiday season. May she feel loved by her family and friends, and may she be filled with peace on Christmas Day.