Children’s Prayers To God

Children’s Prayers To God

Children have a unique way of looking at the world. They’re still learning about the ways of the world, so they see things differently than adults do. This makes their prayers simple and sweet—and sometimes quite profound. We asked several children what they pray for when they are alone with God, and here is what we heard:

Dear God, I am sorry.

When you are sorry, God forgives you. We all have sinned and done wrong things, but God forgives us if we are truly sorry.

If you did something wrong, be sorry for it and ask God to help you not to do it again. If you said something bad about someone else or about yourself, tell that person how sorry you are and mean it with all your heart. When we think bad thoughts about other people or ourselves, ask God to forgive us too!

Dear God, Please keep us safe.

  • Dear God, Please keep us safe.
  • Dear God, Please help us to find our way.
  • Dear God, Please protect us from harm.
  • Dear God, We are lost without you.

Dear God, Thank you for my family and friends.

Dear God,

Thank you for my family and friends. They are the most important things in life. We should be grateful for them because they love us and help us. They teach us to be good people, too. Please help them be happy and healthy so they can stay with me forever! Amen!

Dear God, Please help me and my family to be happy.

The first prayer is a simple request for God to help you and your family be happy. This prayer is important because God wants us to be happy, but He also wants us to be happy with Him. When we are not close with God, we can’t be truly happy. But when we spend time getting to know Him better and spending more time reading His word (the Bible), our lives become happier and more fulfilled.

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When my husband was deployed overseas for several months last year, it was hard on me and the kids because we missed him so much! It was especially hard on them because they had never spent so much time away from their dad before this deployment happened. One day though, I prayed about it…and asked God for help in dealing with this difficult situation that my family was going through as well as asked Him if there was something else He wanted me or my kids to learn from all this experience too – which made me think about how important it was that each member of our household had their own “job” while he was gone! This meant taking care of chores like cleaning up after meals etc., doing homework without being distracted by other siblings who might want help finishing their work too…we all needed something productive yet meaningful activity each day so that

Dear God, Please take care of my mommy and daddy – they are good people!

Children see their parents as superheroes. They are the protectors and providers, teachers and mentors, friends. Children see the world through their eyes; they are innocent and pure. When you pray for your children, you are praying from a place of love and sacrifice that only comes from being a parent yourself. When you pray for them to God, instead of just telling them about how much you love them or begging for protection—you ask God to take care of both your children and their parents!

It is also important to remember that our prayers will be answered from an omniscient perspective: God knows what is best for us even before we do (James 1:5). Therefore when we pray about something specific like being able to provide for our family or heal our child’s illness—we should not doubt His ability but rather trust that He has already provided everything according to His own divine plan (John 6:38).

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Dear God, Please help me to be a good person.

Dear God, Please help me to be a good person.

Be honest with others.

Do not lie or gossip about them; always tell the truth.

Respect other people’s opinions and ideas even if you don’t agree with them; never say anything mean or hurtful to anyone else in any way, including behind their back!

Be kind to everyone — even those who are unkind to you! Treat everyone with respect as equals no matter what their age, race or religion is — even if they are not friends of yours because when we love one another it makes us better people ourselves! If someone does something wrong then show them kindness instead by helping them instead of judging harshly without first trying talking things through together peacefully so that no one gets hurt emotionally later on down the road which could lead someday maybe even towards becoming enemies forever which would not make either person happy at all so please think carefully before acting out your anger impulsively upon seeing someone being treated badly by someone else

Dear God, Please keep Mommy and Daddy safe. I love them very much.

Children are very concerned about their parents. They want to know that their parents are safe, happy, healthy and able to take care of them. They also want to know that they will always be there for them. I’m sure you can remember being a child and praying for your mommy and daddy every night before bedtime.

The following prayers are examples of what children might pray about their parents:

  • Dear God, Please keep Mommy and Daddy safe. I love them very much.
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Dear God, Please make sure my little brother is asleep before Mommy comes to get me up in the morning!

Children pray for the safety of their families, for their own safety and happiness, for the safety of friends, and for the good behavior of pets.

Dear God, Make me good enough to go to heaven…or else give me another chance!

Dear God,

Make me good enough to go to heaven…or else give me another chance!

I know I’ve been bad but if you help me be good, I’ll try really hard.

Please make everyone in the world happy and safe, even those who aren’t very nice.

Help all the sick people get well soon so they can run around and play like the rest of us again!

Children have simple prayers that let us know their hearts.

The prayers we recite as adults are often complex, intricate and full of meaning. And yet, the prayers children recite are simple and direct. They are about family, safety and being good as well as happiness in general. They also reflect an awareness of God’s presence in their lives.

The simplest prayers may be the most profound; they show us what our children really think about life around them. For instance: “Dear God please help my dog get better.” Or this one: “God bless Mommy.” The best part is that these important people in your child’s life can be anyone—a teacher at school or even a stranger on the street!

Children are a blessing, and we should be thankful for them. They have wonderful little hearts with big dreams. They are God’s plan for this earth, and we should teach them well so that they can grow up to do good in the world.