Catholic Prayer For Wedding


Weddings are a time when families come together to celebrate love and commitment. And as special as weddings can be, they cannot happen without the help of prayer. If you’re wondering how to involve Catholic prayer in your wedding, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a Catholic prayer for wedding that you can use on your wedding day or any other occasion where you need blessings.

How to pray for a wedding

If you are considering Catholic prayer for a wedding, be prepared to devote some time to it. Prayer can enhance the celebration of a wedding and can be very helpful in working through any difficulties that might arise.

Start by prayerfully choosing a Wedding Mass that corresponds to your religious beliefs and customs. This will help you develop a personal prayer plan specific to your wedding. Once you have chosen a Mass, begin by reading or hearing the prayers aloud before beginning your own personal meditation. After praying the Mass, devote time to thanking God for blessing your upcoming marriage.

When difficulties arise during your wedding, be sure to turn to God for guidance and support. Pray for peace, forgiveness and strength during this special time. Thanksgiving is also an excellent way to show gratitude for all He has done in your life leading up to this momentous occasion.

Praying for the couple

Catholic Prayers for Wedding

When planning a Catholic wedding, it is important to include prayers for the couple. These prayers can be specific to the couple or can be general prayers that can be prayed for any married couple.

Prayers for a Couple:
We bless you and ask the Lord to bless your marriage and keep you together in love all the days of your life.
Grant this, we humbly pray, through the intercession of Mary, Mother of God. Amen.
We thank you, O Lord Jesus Christ, for having created us as male and female and for calling us to enter into marriage as one body. Grant that our relationship may be built on mutual respect and understanding, and may grow ever stronger as we journey together through life. We ask this innamesable love of yours through the intercession of Saint Joseph, your divinely chosen husband from Nazareth. Amen.

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Praying for the marriage

Praying for the marriage

Catholic wedding prayers are a time-honored tradition in the church. They help couples connect with God and one another as they exchange marital vows. Many of the prayers include petitions for blessings on the union and protection during the marriage.

Some popular Catholic wedding prayers include:

“Lord, we ask you to bless this marriage between __________and ___________. Grant them your divine grace to build a lasting union in love and fidelity. Protect them from all harm, give them strength to face any challenge and guide their every step together. In Christ’s name we pray.”

“Dear God, we come before you today as husband and wife to declare our love for each other. We offer ourselves wholeheartedly to be loyal to one another through good times and bad, in sickness and in health, until death do us part. We ask that you will guide us as we grow old together, by your light and love. Fill our family with joy, protect it from harm and grant us many years of happiness together. Amen.”

The bride and groom

The Catholic wedding liturgy is an ancient and beautiful tradition that has been closely connected with the sacrament of marriage since the earliest days of Christianity. The bride and groom exchange farewells before the ceremony begins, and then prayers and blessings are offered together.

Here is a sampling of some of the blessings that may be offered at a Catholic wedding:

Blessing For A Happy Marriage
Our God, who has blessed us with this love, give us strength to honor and keep this bond through good times and bad! We bless you for giving us one another; may your love grow stronger every day. Amen.
Blessing For A Lasting Marriage
O Lord, who created all things according to your will, we thank you for our new marriage as well as for the joys and happiness that have come before it. Help us to forsake all others and live only for one another; may our love last forever. Amen.

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Blessing the spouses

Catholic wedding blessings may begin with the groom’s father blessing the bride and bride’s father blessing the groom. Then, the priest or deacon will say a prayer of thanksgiving for the marriage. Wishing couples happiness and long life may also be included. The final blessing is traditionally given by a bishop or another cleric, followed by an exchange of rings.


Our Catholic wedding prayer guide is perfect for anyone looking to pray during their Catholic wedding. This prayer guide covers everything from getting married in a Catholic church, to blessing the couple, to reciting the sacraments after marriage. Whether you are planning your own Catholic wedding or have one planned and just need some pointers on how to pray, our wedding prayer guide is sure to help.