Catholic Prayer For Alcoholics

Alcoholism is a serious problem. It impacts millions of people across the world, and it’s no wonder that Catholics are especially concerned about it. In this blog post, we will introduce you to Catholic prayer for alcoholics and show you how you can use it to support those struggling with addiction. Prayer can be an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly, and it can provide comfort and hope to those who need it most.

Why Pray for Alcoholics?

Prayer for alcoholics is a powerful tool that can help those struggling with alcoholism. It can offer hope and support as well as remind the alcoholic of the power they have to change. Prayer can also help break the cycle of addiction.

Prayer for alcoholics begins by acknowledging that alcoholism is a disease. The addict needs to understand that there is a problem and that they need professional help. Prayer should be specific to the individual’s situation, asking for guidance and strength during this difficult time.

It is important to remember that prayer does not fix everything; an alcoholic still needs professional help. However, prayer can provide comfort, support and encouragement in the tough times ahead.

How to Pray for an Alcoholic

Prayer for alcoholics can help individuals in recovery and their families. Alcoholism is a disease that affects the whole person, including the mind, body and spirit. Prayer for an alcoholic can be helpful in healing both physically and spiritually.

First, it is important to understand that prayer does not fix anything. However, it can be a powerful tool for healing. Prayer can provide hope and direction during the recovery process. It also offers comfort to those who are struggling with alcohol addiction.

There are many different Catholic prayers for recovering alcoholics to choose from. One of the most popular prayers is the Our Father. This prayer includes a petition for forgiveness and mercy for those in need. It also asks for strength during the difficult process of recovery.

Another Catholic prayer that may be useful for recovering alcoholics is The Divine Mercy Chaplet. This prayer includes petitions for deliverance from sin, peace and mercy, protection from evil spirits, and forgiveness of sins. The Divine Mercy Chaplet can also be used as a spiritual guide during recovery proceedings.

Prayer can also be used to gather strength during times of temptation or relapse in an alcoholic’s life. The Stations of the Cross are a good way to do this. This contemplative prayer consists of eight stations: Gethsemane, Calvary, Crown of Thorns, Entombment, Resurrection/Transfiguration, Assumption/Dormition (four stations),

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The Prayer for Alcoholics

Catholic Prayer for Alcoholics

Dear God, we come to you today with a humble heart and a broken spirit. Our loved ones are suffering from alcoholism, and we want them to be healed. We ask you to help them find the courage to get sober, and to be surrounded by those who will support them on their journey. We also ask for patience as they work through their addiction. In your name, Amen.

Alcoholism is a deadly disease that destroys lives and families. It’s an addiction that can take over someone’s life if not treated properly. It’s an illness that needs treatment, not punishment or shame. That’s why we turn to God for help. He knows what’s best for us, and He can heal our loved ones of this terrible addiction. Thank you for your love and mercy, Dear God. Help us find the courage we need to get our loved ones the help they need, and please forgive them for their mistakes. In Jesus’ name, amen


If you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism, please seek help. There are many programs available that can help alcoholics get the help they need to overcome their addiction and live a healthy life. Catholic Alcoholics Anonymous is one program that has a very successful track record of helping people recover from alcoholism and become sober. If you’re interested in finding out more about this program or in finding a local meeting near you, please visit our website or call us at 1-800-927-2237 for more information.

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