Catholic Graveside Prayer For Burial Of Ashes


As we all know, death is a natural process that happens to everyone. Even though we may not like it, it’s a part of life. And as we face the inevitability of death, it’s important to remember our loved ones and express our condolences in the most personal way possible. That’s why Catholic graveside prayer for burial of ashes is so important. By praying with ashes, you allow your loved ones to remain close to you even after they have passed away. If you want to learn more about Catholic graveside prayer for burial of ashes, be sure to read on. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to conduct this special service.

Why Catholic Graveside Prayer?

Catholics believe in the sacrament of burial, which is a sign of our faith in the resurrection. At Catholic funeral services, we offer a prayer that asks God to wash away our sins and make us join Jesus in heaven. This prayer is called a “Graveside Prayer.”

The Catholic faithful believe that when we die, our body becomes part of the earth. Our spirit goes to Heaven, but our body remains on earth until the day of resurrection. We can pray for our loved ones who have died, asking God to take care of them and keep them safe until they join us in heaven.

The Nine steps of Catholic Graveside Prayer

Catholic Graveside Prayer for Burial of Ashes

When a Catholic dies, members of the faith will often recite the nine steps of Catholic Graveside Prayer. This prayer is designed to help the deceased find peace after death and prepare them for their final journey. The steps are as follows:

1.Attend to earthly affairs.
2. Request God’s mercy for yourself and those who are grieving your death.
3. Pray for the repose of the deceased’s soul.
4. Ask God to forgive any sins that were committed during their lifetime.
5. Hope that the deceased will enjoy eternal happiness in Heaven.
6. Supplicate for strength to carry on during this difficult time and through the rest of your life.
7. Thank those who have supported you in your grief and pray for their comfort too (especially close family and friends).
8. Invoke divine protection over the body in its burial rites, as well as over loved ones gathered around it at graveside Mass or other ceremonies honoring the deceased (including cremation).
9. Pray that God will bring comfort and healing to all who mourn

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How to perform Catholic Graveside Prayer

Catholic Graveside Prayer For Burial Of Ashes

If you are planning to have ashes buried at a Catholic church or cemetery, the proper procedure for conducting a graveside prayer is as follows:

1. Obtain the ashes from the deceased.
2. Point out the consecrated elements on the altar, if available, and publicly adjure all evil spirits to depart from them.
3. Place the ashes in an incense burner or censer and light it with a votive candle or a torch held aloft.
4. Say a brief prayer for peace and then recite the Lord’s Prayer or any other suitable prayer.
5. Conclude with Psalm 23: 6-11 which can be recited three times: “Thou hast set my feet in a large place; they shall not stumble again. Thou hast made me to walk upon paths of righteousness for ever.”


After reading this Catholic Graveside Prayer for Burial of Ashes, hopefully you will be more likely to say these prayers if you are bereaved or in the process of planning a funeral. This prayer is meant to help us focus on our deceased loved one and connect with them during their time in purgatory. I believe that by saying these prayers, we can give our loved ones some comfort and peace during this difficult time.