A Prayer For Owen Meany Audiobook Review

A Prayer For Owen Meany Audiobook Review

A Prayer For Owen Meany is a book by John Irving, published in 1989. The novel follows two young friends, John Wheelwright and Owen Meany, as they grow up in small-town New Hampshire. It has been described as “a classic American novel.”

Unabridged audiobook

A Prayer For Owen Meany by David Almond is a powerful story of friendship and forgiveness. An eleven-year-old boy, Owen, accidentally hits a foul ball that kills his best friend’s mother. He believes that he hit the ball by accident, but it turns out to be a sign from God. In this heart-wrenching novel, Owen makes his quest for his father an act of worship.

The novel deals with serious social issues and the concept of fate. Many of the characters criticize organized religion and religious hypocrisy. The book highlights the spiritual dimension through Owen’s premonition of his impending death. Owen believes that his life is an instrument of God and that his heroic action will kill him. John, however, has a doubting streak. A Prayer For Owen Meany has a lot to say about faith and the nature of hope.

Listening to A Prayer For Owen Meany is a great way to experience this story. Although it is long (around 15 hours and twenty minutes), the book is written by an accomplished author who will leave a lasting impression on its listeners. The book will be with you long after you’ve finished listening. If you’re looking for an audiobook to accompany a book, this is the way to go.

John Irving

The central theme of A Prayer For Owen Meany is that of prayer. While the protagonist Owen Meany sincerely believes that he was born of a virgin, John expresses his scepticism. In his novel, Irving makes intentional parallels with Christ and Jesus’ life. Moreover, Owen’s voice is characterized by “rock dust, gravel, and granite quarry residue.” The result is a raspy and damaged voice, not a soft one.

The plot of the novel revolves around a friendship between John and Owen, who both undergo repeated grades in order to attend the same Gravesend Academy. The protagonist also goes through some difficult challenges, including the threat of war and the loss of childhood. However, this reoccurring theme is somewhat distracting from the novel’s main theme. A Prayer For Owen Meany evokes both emotions and themes. The protagonist, Owen, repeats grade nine so that he can attend Gravesend Academy. Moreover, the book also features a glimpse into the turbulent times during the Vietnam War, which reflects the times and circumstances of that time.

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The novel also explores the topic of fate. This idea is deeply connected to the theme of religious faith. The core of fate is the belief that events are orchestrated by God and contribute to the unfolding of God’s plan. Through this belief, people are simply instruments of God, and no accident is purely accidental. Owen’s foreshadowing of his impending death emphasizes this spiritual dimension. He believes that he will die as an instrument of God, and that a heroic act will kill him. But the exact nature of his heroic act is not clear.

Johnny Wheelwright

The premise of Johnny Wheelwright, A Prayer For Owen Menely is a simple one: a former con man finds redemption in the life of his friend, the dwarves Owen Meany. The dwarves are the ‘Froggers’, and the dwarves are a recurring theme throughout the novel. Owen is a stentorian, high-pitched dwarf, who speaks with a whisper and dies just as he foresaw. As John Wheelwright, he develops visions and dreams that he believes were predestined and lead him to his ultimate goal: saving Vietnamese children. But while Johnny finds redemption in Owen, he also learns the truth about his own father – the Congregationalist minister.

The book follows the life of John Wheelwright, a man from a wealthy family. Owen Meany, who lives with his mother and grandmother, had an underdeveloped larynx. John became a Christian because of Owen, and his book focuses on his journey through life. The story is told from both sides of the story, as John is able to look back and reflect on the events that led to his friend’s death.

John visits Owen in Arizona just as the predicted date of his death approaches. He accompanies Owen to the wake, where he confronts the violent brother of the dead soldier, who wishes to kill the Vietnamese. He shows the violent brother some lethal weapons smuggled from Vietnam. Then, the two meet the Reverend’s parents and their daughter. In the end, Owen dies knowing he has fulfilled God’s will.

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A Prayer for Owen Meany is the seventh novel by John Irving. It was published in 1989, and tells the story of two friends named Owen Meany and John Wheelwright. Owen, a boy of thirteen, believes that he is God’s instrument and sets out to fulfill a prophecy for himself. Despite being an orphan, Owen becomes a priest and believes that God’s will is to help him live a life of service.

A Prayer for Owen Meany has two parallel plot lines. The first follows Owen and Johnny in the summer of 1953, when they are ten years old. Their mother dies at an early age, leaving the two of them to raise their sister. Owen is determined to follow his destiny, and so he asks Rev. Merrill to pray for him in front of the school’s students. The two stories intertwine with each other, and the plot twists and turns in both are enjoyable.

A Prayer for Owen Meany also deals with serious spiritual issues, such as social justice and the concept of fate. The novel is critical of organized religion and religious hypocrisy. In Owen’s foreboding of his death, the spiritual aspect is also highlighted. Owen believes that he is an “instrument of God” and that his death is predestined. However, the author does not clarify what it is that God is requiring of him.


In Narration of A Prayer For Owen Meany, John Edgar Wright explores the relationship between religion and war. In particular, he examines how Owen came to believe in God. For him, God’s existence is a necessary part of human life and that he was chosen as an instrument for his purpose. However, Wheelwright questions the necessity of faith in God in this novel. Although the book does not provide a definitive answer to this question, it nevertheless provides a compelling and thought-provoking read.

Throughout the novel, the narrator identifies as a socially dysfunctional person. His death causes him to question his own religion. He cites an argument that faith buttressed by miracles is not true faith. He then fakes a miracle in order to please his dying father. Though this story is based on a true story, it does not necessarily reflect what Owen believes.

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The narrator contrasts himself with Owen throughout the novel. His reliance on Owen as his savior is reflected in the book’s emphasis on Owen’s words and authority. Unfortunately, Owen does not realize the consequences of his influence over John, and his faith is ultimately dismantled. John struggles to understand the concept of predestination, and Owen’s death proves that.


The story of John and Owen Meany is set during the Vietnam War. After John dies, Owen takes up with Hester, the cousin of his dead friend. Owen has won a military scholarship and is excited to serve his country, but John is also opposed to the war. He wants to go to Vietnam to fight for his country, but John is trying to avoid the draft. Owen, on the other hand, is considered too small to fight on the battlefield. In the end, he cuts off John’s index finger.


A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving was published a quarter century ago, and it has since gained a great following. Its story is set against the backdrop of the 1960s social upheaval, and it is a richly imagined and absorbing read. The story is a blend of humor and serious themes, with themes ranging from faith to doubt and predestination. It is a great book to read if you want to learn about American social history.

As Owen prepares for the mission, he becomes convinced that his destiny is to protect the children of Vietnam. The Vietnamese orphans arrive at the Phoenix airport when he is waiting to escort the body of a fallen soldier. The Vietnamese children are in danger when Dick Jarvits throws a grenade at the children. Owen uses his last strength to protect the children. During the explosion, Owen sacrifices himself to protect the children, but this decision costs him his life.